I know you've been hearing the buzz word "authenticity" all over the internet right now. Maybe it's lost its meaning and a little bit of " give a shit" with you. However, I promise there is a reason that the act of being authentic will catapult your business and your relationships with clients + fellow babes .

I want to share a little bit of a not so secret secret with you.. ready?

numbers mean close to jack shit when it comes to social media.

Okay, maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration. Reach, engagement, and overall following are somewhat important. BUT if you're being followed by a bunch of Instagram bots or accounts that are finding you through the hashtag #followforfollow or #likeforlike you are wasting your precious time. Who cares about likes when they are from people who don't give a fuck about your actual work. I would 100% rather have 10 likes from babes that I connect, and paying clients, than 1000 likes from people who don't care about my passion.

This all comes back full circle to authenticity. Are you truly being you on social media? Are you sharing bits of your personal life? Do your followers even know who you are? Could they put your face to your brand? If you answered no to any of these questions, you're missing out. Bottom line.


The TBC Authentic Babe Instagram Challenge is full of 8 days worth of prompts to help you get authentic, check in with your business, and find other authentic babes to connect with. The Challenge starts January 8th, 2018 .We are going to help you get raw, get honest, and fucking embrace those "imperfections" you've been trying to hide. All of those little pieces of you, make you the bad ass babeprenuer you are, and we want to see more of them.

So, although getting more followers is an added bonus of the TBC Instagram Challenge, it's not our focus. Let's work together on your goal to get more shit done in 2018, with purpose and with authenticity.

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