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We've heard it time and time again. You have an amazing service or product, you're posting on social media, you're shouting from the rooftops how much you want to serve your community, but it's just not translating and you're not sure where to go from here.

Babetown is here to help you turn your amazing art into a profitable, sustainable business that you'll fall into love with all over again. 


With bite size courses, that let you tackle one part of your business at a time to transform it into a place that you're happy to be. We’ll show you how to strategically market, manage your business income properly, reach the clients you want and how to take the first steps towards building the business of your dreams!


Saying “I made it” may be the most dangerous self-talk there is.


We know that newsletters and reaching your audience in their inbox can be a mystery. However, the truth is, if you aren't leveraging this part of your business, you're leaving money on the table. 


In this course, Lola will teach you.

- How to set up your newsletter. 

- A plan to gain your first 100 subscribers and beyond.

- How to turn those subscribers into paying clients.

- What to say and when to say it.



You're overwhelmed. You get up in the morning knowing that you have so much on your todo list but not sure what is priority or what steps to take to get it all done. Instead, you pull the covers back over your head and ignore it all, never feeling accomplished.  


In this course, Lola will teach you.

- What systems to put into place to make sure your business is running smoothly. Email, client work, big plans and more will become tasks that make sense.

- How to feel more confident in your tasks and set yourself up for success.

- Setting up your systems to automate the work that you hate doing.


You're starting to make some money and you want to be smart with it. You want to know how to pay yourself, how to be prepared for the future, and how to set it all up. We've got you covered.


In this course, Lola will teach you.

- What her favorite money management system is and how to set it up.

- The best way to be prepared and less overwhelmed with your business expenses. 

* Please note: All states and countries have differences when it comes to tax laws and regulations. This is a baseline to make you feel more comfortable in taking the next step in your taxes.

- How to price products and services to make sure you are taking money home in the smartest way. 


It's time to take the steps to a brighter business future. We can help you!