TBC Weekly Challenge | With Haley Nord

This week's challenge in our Facebook group was hosted by the incredible babe, Haley Nord. She prompted us with dare I say, the most beautiful theme ever? 

Chiaroscuro: a classic painting term to describe the use of light & dark.

Choosing the top 10 is never easy, and it's getting harder and harder as more incredble babes join us in the community, but here are our top 10 photographs this week.


Alicia Fethka


Kathryn Gillespie of The Moody Romantic Photography


Erin Burke of Erin Burke Photography


Bridgette Kluger of Femme Yellow Photography


Emmie Hillhouse of Emmie Taylor Photography


Danielle Lucier of Danielle Lucier Photography


Sue Sonnenberg of Roots to Willows

All of our top 3 babes are members of our Babetown Coterie: The Babetown Coterie is an elevated community membership where babes have access to a minimum of 2 monthly educational webinars, priority when submitting to the blog, advanced access to courses and discounts on education as well. There is also an elevated bonus for weekly theme contests where you are able to win the prize given away by the theme curators. This week, Haley is giving these babes a portfolio review session which is one on one with her! Congratulations, Babes! Please send an email to Haley at haleynordphotography@gmail.com


Beth Olson of Twisted Aisle Weddings


Neely Ker-Fox of Ker-Fox Photography


Thank you to all the babes who submitted this week! 

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