Snowy + Woodland Idaho Portrait Session | Once Upon a Love Photography

As spring comes, this snowy session sure does remind us how pretty snow can look in photos. The model is damn gorgeous, to say the least, and the story from this photographer is inspiring!

Here is what Leslie had to say:

"I know you are expecting to hear more about the babe in session, but this session was more about me than it was about her. Don't get me wrong  Jessica is a force to be reckoned with, if you don't believe me just take a look at how fierce she is. I know she is grateful that we came across each other on one of those local garage groups, but it is I who feel absolute gratitude. For you see my family and I have been in a bit of bind since my husband lost his job July 2015 (we are doing much better now, we hit our snags now and then but we have risen to the challenges). We were in limbo, uprooting from our Arizona home and moving to Coeur d'Alene Idaho in June of 2016. At the time I was doing a little bit traveling for destination weddings and then recently going back to Arizona for Winter to get all the work I could get. Most of the work was photographing families, which I have sworn off of now (I've also sworn off weddings.) I knew that I was going through the motions, and not really excited about my work. My creativity felt depleted, and my spark was gone. I needed to find that again, I knew that I wanted to focus on intimate couples sessions, and bombshell sessions. So in between moving to Idaho and my son starting kindergarten, I knew I was going to have start my business up from scratch. Which had left me defeated over and over again. To help out my family financially I become a substitute teacher in February (which I love so much!) but it has left me little time to focus on my art. This is were we cue in Jessica. One day feeling hopeless, I posted a sale and by luck Jessica was impressed with my work, and I was impressed with her. I just had to photograph her (you know the urge), so we set up a date and met up for the first time at the shoot. By luck and I snagged this gorgeous dress for next to nothing, and with that my spark was ignited. Three months had gone by since I last picked up my camera, and this is the result of my break. I came back so refreshed, and my yearning to get back to my passion was lit. I know that this was supposed to be about my subject, and I went a little off the rails. So my take back from this experience is merely that sometime we need to take a break to see clearly which direction we want to take. I've found my path.. for now.. For what is life if we do not stray from the path every now and again."
Once Upon A Love | Seated by the Snow | The Babetown Collective
Once Upon A Love | Seated by the Snow | The Babetown Collective

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Leslie of Once Upon A Love Photography | The Babetown Collective
Leslie of Once Upon A Love Photography | The Babetown Collective

I'm Leslie! I am the owner and photographer for Once Upon a Love Photography. I started my journey six years ago when my son was born.I have always had a passion for photography, since high school, when I became editor in chief of my high school yearbook. I have a longing to fill the world with a piece of my art. My style is more film like and journalistic. Everyone has a story, I just want to capture pieces of that story and give back the gift of photography.