Self Portraits for Self Love | With Emmie Taylor Photography

We love seeing more and more self portraits in our community. Although they are fucking hard, it can be such a therapeutic and freeing experience. Here is was Emmie had to say about hers:

These images are of me, taken by me. The ideas started brewing when I saw the Chiaroscuro challenge. I immediately knew I wanted to be the subject for a change. I’ve been seeing a lot of self-portraiture on Instagram and facebook as of late and though I’ve attempted similar projects in the past, I’d never felt confident in the final product. 

I had a few hours before I had to go to work and I knew if I didn’t at least try I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it. I made my bed with the fuzziest blanket I have, lit candles and turned on my essential oil diffuser, qued my Rihanna Radio on Spotify and let the light come through the blinds. Let me tell you – this was not fun at first. The first 45 minutes worth of images were junk. I was not in the right mindset quite yet and I think I was trying too hard. I recently cut my hair short and gained a few pounds (I manage a gelato shop, go figure) so my self-esteem has been at an all-time low. Every time I look in the mirror I try to mess with my hair to make it look less boyish…I used to have long gorgeous hair but I dyed it every color of the rainbow and eventually fried it, giving me no choice but to chop it off! 

Finally, after so much frustration, I got into my groove – must have been the music — and somehow I was able to channel my inner vixen. This is an accomplishment in itself! When I finally saw the pictures on my computer screen I was blushing. I have never been able to take a photo of myself and actually love it! The light, my skirt, my skin, my eyes, my hair….I loved it all! I went from the darkest place I’ve been in a long time, feeling like a less beautiful version of who I used to feeling like a BABE. The perspective this project gave me has me smiling still.

I'm Emmie of Emmie Taylor Photography. Located in Southwest Michigan, I specialize in Portrait & Wedding Photography. I started photography as a hobby in High School and my love for it grew into a business which I've been running for about 5 or 6 years now.

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