Reviving Our Creativity | The Girl With The Tattoos | With Photos By Jess

There are many moments where as makers and dreamers, we seek the act of reviving our creativity. Often, although we love our jobs and the ability to create art on a daily basis, it can become mundane. It can become just like any job where you're just going through the motions, hoping it turns out okay. We have to consistently remind ourselves why we love doing what we do, find a way to make each session a new and inspiring experience. Dig deep to give each client a custom session, tailored to exactly who they are as humans. Look at the way they love each other, like only they can. The way the mama looks at her son and the silly jokes she tells. The way a new husband knows exactly that spot on his brides faces that when he touches it, she beams. The way a woman loves herself and the hurdles she jumps over to get there. The way a senior has that excitement about their future in their eye, but somehow still a little glimmer of fear of what the future holds. Get in touch with their insides and let that keep you inspired. From Jess:

Personally, this has been a hard season. My husband was recently in a bad motorcycle accident resulting in both arms and hands being shattered. Having to care for him around the clock as well as 3 kids and a Great Dane all while running a business....... it got to me... It got to me bad.

 Finally, this past weekend I was able to leave my husband at home for a bit and get out to shoot something creative. Something to make me feel alive and that I could still create something beautiful.

That's where my friend Heather came in. She is such a babe- isn't she?! She was more than willing to see my vision and work with it. The end result? Magic.

Sometimes, you need something like this.. even if its just 45 minutes, right up the road from home. Something for you. To remind yourself that you have still got it.

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