North End Coffeehouse Babe Session | Rebecca Honeycutt Photography

Sometimes telling someone you think they are gorgeous, really does pay off! (I mean honestly, who doesn't like being told that?!) Read the story below, from Rebecca, about how she met this babe and how they ended up planning this fun coffeehouse babe session!

Here is what she had to say:

"I met Kaarin at preschool because our toddlers are in the same class. At drop off and pick up I always seemed to stare at her a bit. I was so in awe of her amazing sense of style and gorgeous looks. She managed to be so cool while juggling being a mom to three little adorable ones and running her own business. (I'm lucky if I step out of the house in something other than jeans, a shirt and a mom bun.)

Finally, I worked up the courage to ask Kaarin if she'd model for me. I had been dreaming up this coffeehouse shoot in my head for months and I knew she'd be perfect for it. She was taken back and excited when I asked and we got to planning. Kaarin is a #bossmom too and sells LuLaRoe so I knew it would be styled to a "t."  During our shoot, Kaarin mentioned that she thought she was awkward in front of the camera and that she usually feels weird having pictures taken of herself. I was hoping I could change that.

We had a blast during our session and not long after I posted her sneak peek I got a message from Kaarin saying, 'So this is kind of funny... I've always hated looking at pictures of myself... but I legit can't stop staring at the photo of me that you put up!!! LIKE WHAT!! Omg I'm seriously in love!  You my dear are AMAZING! Thanks a million for thinking of me and asking me to do this shoot with you.'

This is why I love what I do. I hope I was able to give this gorgeous momma some extra confidence because she needed to see herself as I saw her. One cool babe!"