Be Kind to Your Creative Heart | Lola


Be kind to your creative heart.

Who else does their best thinking in the shower? When I am sudsing up my surprising thick hair, I often reflect on the day's highs and lows and do a bit of a self check-in. I am someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression since high school, so these moments are so important to my mental and creative health.

Sometime my “self-talk” can be a negative bitch. She will talk down to me and remind me of those evil thoughts that I think we all struggle with from time to time. I have to take the time to put her in her place and remind myself just how amazing I am. This isn't always the easiest thing to do, but it's imperative so I can take care of my creative heart.

As creatives, often times we are our biggest critic and can go through spells of self-doubt. I often find myself asking the questions like, "Who cares?" Who cares about these photographs that you create and capture? Who cares that you put in 60+ hours a week on your creative passion? Who cares that you sacrifice time with your husband to pursue this dream of yours?

Without recognition from the communities we put so much of our self-worth into, or without the influx of inquiries from potential clients, we continue to doubt ourselves.

But guess what?  YOU CARE! And that's enough.

Your art is yours and yours alone. Every time you push that shutter button, pick up a paintbrush, or strum that first chord, a piece of your heart and soul has just left your body and placed into something outside yourself.

Is there anything more magical or more terrifying than that? We give so much of ourselves to our art, and without taking care of our creative hearts, we can begin to feel burnt out, uninspired, and unworthy. On top of that, our minds are almost always going. We are always chasing after that next idea, creative high, or project.

We are serial entrepreneurs because we continue to strive for beautiful connections, unknown territories, and new mediums through which to express ourselves. Just remember to not stretch yourself too thin, and to save room for intimate moments between you and the people you love.

Be kind to your creative heart. We tend to feel so much deeper than those around us, which is such a beautiful thing. However, that also means that we carry those deep emotions with us and they can weigh us down. I wanted to share some tips to take care of that creative heart of yours:

  1. Find a community: You can join us on our private Facebook group and unload the feelings and emotions that you are fighting against. Surround yourself with women who are full of empathy, with similar interests, and who are great listeners. Don't forget to stop talking and listen when you're in need.
  2. Take the time to breathe, to unload, and to let it all wash off you. I personally love a bubble bath with lavender scented candles and a good book. I tend to lean towards nonfiction, and I am currently reading My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past – I'm obsessed with history and women in history. This one is good so far!
  3. Listen to your body and fuel it with nutrients.  Listen, I am the number one person who should be taking this advice. A little wine + carbs is my go to for any of my favorite evening plans. However, I have learned to make conscious decisions to fuel my body with the right food 80% ( more like 70%) of the time. Getting in my protein, fruits and vegetables is how I do that. When you're not fueled properly, you feel like shit. You know this. Make small changes to feel better.
  4. Set specific times during the day when you don't work. Do it. I know there are days we sit down in the morning and BAM, it's dinner time and we have barely moved but to fill up on coffee and pee. Try to take an hour to walk around the block with your little babes ( fur babies count! ), take a nap on the couch, or even shake your booty to those 90's jams you love so much. Or is that just me? Anyone? Anyways…. just get your eyes off a screen and do something that doesn't take much brain power but feels great.
  5. Listen to a podcast. This is also one of my personal favorites. I am currently obsessed with Creatively Unscripted with Elena S. Blair and Candice Zugich + My Taught You with Myleik Teele. Podcasts are an awesome way to educate yourself, keep yourself inspired, grow a community, and relax.
  6. Put yourself on your schedule. Treat yo' self, girl. Take care of yourself, even aside from getting away from your work during the day. Make sure you are scheduling specific things during your week that are for YOU! Get your nails done, your hair done, take a yoga class, or get a massage.

So that’s it. That's my pep talk for the day. I hope that it inspired you and encouraged you to start taking care of yourself and looking after your creative heart.

You're worth it, babe!