Field of Violet Dreams | Just Jess Photography

You know that moment when you have total and complete hair envy? This gorgeous babe does that to us, times a million. Here is what Jess had to say about the session:

Lindsey and I have been good friends for years. I have taken a couple photo sessions of her in the past when I first began my photographic journey. I love getting to work with someone consistently through my career to see my progress. Lindsey is a total babe, and enjoys getting in front of the camera when she can. Lindsey dyed her hair all of these beautiful mystical colors and I instantly knew we should do a photo shoot, solely inspired by her creative hair. I think began my idea process. Thinking about what could I do that wasn't cheesy, and to bring some elegance? I thought instantly of a mermaid shoot, yet I didn't want anything to scream mermaid. No sea shells, or scales. I just wanted the mermaid vibe going. I then began talking to a makeup artist about my ideas, and she was totally on board! I hunted for a dress, and this little baby found me. I walked into a sales room, and it was just hanging there in the open basically begging for me to take it and use it. After all my inspiration and searching, I decided this look became a modern day mermaid meets 20's style. Sometimes my shoots will become a mix of things from where it originally started in my head. We went to a new location to me, and found this giant hill that I thought looked natural and beautiful. 
 Hopefully you enjoy the shoot as much I did photographing it! :)


Hi there, I'm Jess! I'm a portrait photographer based in Indianapolis, IN. When I'm not working my retail job, I'm usually doing something creative. I have a notebook full of ideas for creative shoots, and when I get the chance to accomplish an idea, I go for it! My favorite thing is being inspired by such a small thought and letting it unfold and grow into something way more than I expected.