Guest Posting | Why It's Important for Photographers

The world should get to see your work, babe. Because you are talented. And one great way to get your work out there is through guest posting. Are you doing it? Whether you're submitting your sessions or your words. Let's get your work out there, babe. We know our community is made up mainly of photographers. So we're going to be focusing our tips on photography. And we're counting submitting sessions to photography blogs as part of your guest posting strategy. Oh, that's right, you need a strategy for this. 

But first, let's chat about why you should guest post.

Guide to guest posting for photographers

Why should you guest post?

Because, submitting your session is brave. You're putting your work out there in the world and for a different audience than your own. One of the main reasons and benefits of guest posting, is that you get to take your beautiful work and share it with others who are going to fall in love with it too. It's a great way to grow your community. And you know we're all about #communityovercompetition over here.

Find places that you jive with. That have a similar mission than you. Places you look up to. Places where your people are hanging out. Those are the places you want to submit to. Because you'll be able to grow your community. Write those places down.

Conquering your fears. We've heard many of you say that you haven't submitted a session because you're nervous. Putting your work out there is a big deal. But babe, you're worth it. We challenge you right now. Go submit a session. We know you likely won't be accepted everywhere. But you won't if you don't try. And babe, we want your work out there.

And hey, you. We know you're likely a photographer and photographs are your thing. But we know you're also talented in the business of being a photographer. Maybe camera settings are your thing. Or editing. Maybe you're an expert in a specific type of photography. Or in booking clients. Why not share that knowledge with others? If you know of people accepting guest posts, create a proposal of a topic that you have some expertise in. We know you have expertise in something. Share it with the world. By doing this, it'll also help to begin to set you apart and help you become known as an industry go-to for that particular topic.

So how do you create a guest posting strategy?

  • Develop a list of places where you want to submit to. Write down their website + their criteria.
  • Create a list of all the sessions you already have. Match up each session with each place. Each place you submit to likely has it's own feel. Think about what they are looking for + what makes them unique. Find one of your sessions that matches their brand.
  • Once you have a plan of what you are going to submit + where, go back through their criteria and make sure you have everything you need. For example, when submitting to Babetown, we want to know the heart behind your work. Which is why we require at least 300 words to describe your session. This is where you get a chance to share your artistic vision and the meaning of the work to you.
  • If you're just starting out submitting posts, start small. Maybe just choose a place to submit each quarter. Or try monthly.

Guest posting etiquette.

Babe, let me be blunt. Guest posting is about building community. That's where your heart should be. Take the time to curate your content and submit it to sources that align with your mission. Target the sessions you submit. Don't mass submit the same session to many places. Because, let's be honest, it's better to take more time on a really great submission and submit to a place that matches your brand than half-ass 15 submissions to places where the readers wouldn't be your ideal readers. Plus, the place that matches your brand, chances are, their readers are the people that would fall in love with your work and join your community.

Now, go submit a session or a proposal for a post. We'll be here once you do waiting to celebrate with you!