Embracing My Skin | With Blue Flame Boudoir

You know here at TBC, celebrating diversity and breaking the mold of what it means to be a woman and to be beautiful are two of our favorite things. Kaleb, the husband of the the TBC duo also had Vitiligo and it's something that I love about him and who he is as a person. I loved seeing this beauty embrace her skin and show diversity in the boudoir world. Here is what these babes had to say about this session: 

Boudoir is unique to everyone, every experience is different for each individual that I capture. It’s a raw and vulnerable situation for most of my ladies. In that time is when I feel I capture and celebrate the best of whoever is in front of my camera. I had been following Anisa on Instagram for a while, and just decided to each out to her about doing a boudoir shoot. She is stunning, and in my eyes, her skin deserved to be celebrated.

”Doing a boudoir shoot is something I never thought I’d be capable of. When Mackenzie reached out to me asking to shoot, I thought to myself, ‘she knows I have vitiligo, right?’ I just couldn’t picture myself in lingerie, looking sexy on a bed. Little did I know, Mackenzie had much more in store for me.

I arrived to my first boudoir shoot not knowing what to think. I was nervous, but excited. As soon as I met Mackenzie, I instantly felt comfortable & confident! She already had so many ideas & poses in mind which was a huge relief for me. Not once did I feel uncomfortable. Living with vitiligo, it’s easy enough to walk through the grocery store & feel uncomfortable. Although I felt the shoot was a success, I still worried my vitiligo would be a distraction in the photos. However, when I finally saw them I fell in love.

Not only did I fall in love with Mackenzie’s beautiful work, but I fell in love with my skin. I never looked at my vitiligo as something that could be “sexy”, therefore I never looked at myself as being sexy. It’s been a rough journey since being diagnosed with vitiligo over twenty years ago. It has been a process for me to see myself as being beautiful. Thanks to the help of Mackenzie & my first boudoir shoot, I now see myself as beautiful AND sexy, what more could a girl want?”

Blue Flame Boudoir is a unique and powerful intimate portrait experience based in Denver, CO. Mackenzie has been behind the camera since 2009 and specializing in what gave her purpose, boudoir, since 2014.

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