Brains and Beauty Senior Session | With Ellis Illustrations

We are so inspired by women who have major goals of helping others with the chosen career. Caroline of Ellis Illustations got to capture this beauty who wants to do just that. See what she had to say:

I’ve known Rachel since she was about 16. You know, right in the middle of those awkward teen years that we all wish we could forget and pretend never happened? Yep, those. I think it’s safe to say that Rachel has moved from awkward teenager into babetown status pretty well, so when she asked me to photograph her for her senior session, I, of course, said yes!

One of the first things I try to do when taking on a session is to do a sort of interview with the subject. I want to know what makes them tick, have purpose, and give them drive. I’m a story-teller with a camera, so it helps me understand One of my favorite things about Rachel is that I’ve gotten to see her not only grow and mature, but she’s flourished. Another aspect that I wanted to showcase was her desires and values. What makes Rachel strong and confident isn’t her loud personality or booming presence. Her strength lies in her beliefs. She is confident and secure in what she holds to be true, the ways she makes sense of the world, and how she wants to change it.

And change it, she will. Rachel majored in psychology, and after four years of hard work and internships, she’s graduating this May. At one point during her session, I asked her what she was most excited about graduating. Her answer? Helping others. She wasn’t most excited about getting a cool job or finally being done with school (even though both of those aspects were mentioned), Rachel was most ecstatic about “getting her hands dirty.” She said she was tired of everything being on paper. She’s ready to actually help people, serve them, and provide real, sustaining answers to their issues. Rachel doesn’t just want to see temporary change, she wants to impact the lives of individuals, and one by one, see the world changed for good. She’s strong, ambitious, and full of adventure, unafraid of the world and its woes.

I'm a story-teller. Servant of the moment, wanting to tell the raw joy, emotion, and authenticity of the moment. The camera is my medium.