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Give back to our clients in more way that one is what we love about this art form so much. See what Brandi had to say about this incredible session:

A while back I put out a model call just to find a babe that was open to having her photos shown off, and boy did I get lucky. I think I was instantly drawn to Logan because of how open she was and how down to earth she was, little did I know that we would hit it off instantly. We have similar views on how much wine a woman should drink, as well as our somewhat offensive dialect. The day of the session we struggled to find a secluded area that would work for what I had envisioned so this gave us plenty of time to get to know each other. We talked about relationships, and her sweet little girl ( yes, this fox is the mom of a toddler) we even got lost and found a cat sanctuary so of course we had to stop and love on them.  Long story short, this babe is fantastic. She showed such interest in why I do boudoir and I could tell that this session was just as important to her as it was to me. The session went just as I had hoped and she looked absolutely gorgeous. I love shooting a session that doesn't need florals or props or any "styling", nothing but a babe and a beautiful setting. 
Here's what this sweet lady had to say after her session.. I could die.
"Why did I do this?! The question a lot of people around me have talked about but never once asked. For me. For you. For my daughter. For every girl whoever thought she was "too this" or "too that" to take pictures that make her feel like the queen she really is! I see the human body as an amazing piece to the art of life. It can certainly be sexualized, it's part of who we are as a species. But it's so much more than that. The human body can be beautiful simply because of how marvelous it is! I have seen people past the brink of death come back and make amazing recoveries. I have seen what supporting and manipulating the body can do. As an ICU nurse, I've seen a lot. Life is too short to spend it not loving yourself...and your body! Even being pretty confident in what I have going on, it was still intimidating at times. I had to remind myself of my fierceness. I had to have internal conversations to tell the self-conscious talk to hush. Having a photographer who can help remind you of all of that, who can not only pose you but instill a belief in yourself that she sees you as beautiful as you can (or will) is priceless! My favorite picture to talk about is one of a few first shared on Facebook. It's the headshot of me laying on my back, on a rock, with my finger placed gently on my lip and my eyes closed. I'm giggling now just typing that because I can explain every detail since I was robotically doing every single one. Shew that simple shot was a struggle at best! Here we are in the river, Brandi in the water up to her shorts, we had to change positions since the shot wasn't happening standing up and all I can do is laugh at her directions. What she was telling me and what I was doing wasn't computing and didn't look sultry at all hahahaha more like "Hey do I have something in my teeth." Boudoir is fun! You laugh during it, your learn during it, you may even come out of it having a new friend-whether it's your photographer or yourself. Maybe both"
I love the fact that I can shoot women whom I've never met and become such good friends with them. I love getting texts from them after they get their photos or even a year or so later, just thinking about their photos, and they thank me more than I even feel I deserve. These ladies are the reason I do what I do. Each year I set a goal for myself to shoot a certain number of woman and each year I meet that goal. Bring on all the babes.

Blue Lingerie - Victoria Secret // "The Dress" - Amazon // White Bodysuit - Charlotte Russe // Hair & Makeup : Hanna James  // Babe : Logan Filler


Hey babes, I'm Brandi, the creative force behind Unbound Images. I'm a lifestyle and boudoir photographer based in a small town in East Tennessee where I live with my husband and cat-children.

I love taxidermy and all things odd and unusual. I talk too much and curse like a sailor, but I know how to be a lady when I need to be. I live out the cliché of "pursuing my dream job" because I've never wanted to be anything other than a photographer. 

I live for helping people feel something when they have their pictures taken and when they see those pictures, whether it's a couple in love or a babe finally seeing how truly gorgeous she is. Boudoir became my passion and the direction I knew I wanted to take my photography career. It's a way for me to help the women around me in this small town, feel bigger and stronger, feel uncontrolled and unconfined. I want them to feel truly unbound.

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