Boss Babe Playlist | With Lola

  Any boss babe needs a playlist to jam out to when they are putting work into their dreams. I like to think of myself as someone who likes a little bit of everything. On a Saturday night full of wine and laughs with friends, you can find us blasting some Fetty Wap or Demi Lovato with some old school Breaking Benjamin thrown in. When I'm cleaning, I usually have some sort of current country music playlist turned all the way up. Usually I'm belting out my own version of Carrie Underwood. Her original is better, I assure you. Blame this on my small home town, but girl I ain't ashamed.

Although, for some reason, whenever I sit down to edit, put together a blog post, or work on any other behind the scenes task here at TBC, I gravitate towards my '90s playlist, which I love. Throw some Brittney my way, bitch.

So today I am sharing  my favorite '90s playlist with you, and I hope that it makes quickly makes your booty move in your seat, edit with more pep in your step, and belt our your favorite Backstreet Boys verse. Yes, I'm team BSB. Forever and always.

** Disclaimer: Some of the songs on this '90s playlist are actually from the early 2000s, I'm aware of this. Details.

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