BOSS BABE Interview | Twyla Jones Photography

the next spotlight in our boss babe interview series is with babetown e retreat educator Twyla of Twyla Jones Photography.

TBC: Can you tell us a little about you?  

Twyla: Ok!  I’m curious (both in mindset and as a human), carefree but serious, and driven- something I never knew about myself until I stumbled into photography!  I live in Florida with my amazing, fishman/carpenter/chef of a fiance and two little silly, sweet sons.

TBC: What was the driving force behind your starting your business?

Twyla: My children! The only reason I ever picked up a dslr was to capture them in a way that showed how the moments felt. After sharing those photos for a time, my friends began asking me to take their photos. I became addicted, fast. Addicted to doing better and better and learning all that I could...a process I’m sure I’ll never finish.


TBC: What is the best piece of business advice that you’ve ever received?

Twyla: Don’t show what you don’t want to shoot!

TBC: Can you explain what you mean by photographing human connection? What does that mean to you?

Twyla: Photographing human connection means paying attention. Looking for all of the subtle ways people communicate that they care. Typically these are things you could never direct or plan for, the best ones come naturally and I’ve learned to be ready and anticipate when those moments might happen.


TBC: We see a lot of tiny humans in your portfolio, how do you manage to capture all of their innocence and those smiles?

Twyla: The easiest part! You have to let them be to capture anything authentic. I try to choose shooting locations with interesting places to explore and fantastic things to discover. I also get on their level right from the start and try to bond with them by exploring right alongside them.


TBC: You also offer mentoring and workshops for other photographers, can you tell us about that?

Twyla: Yeah! I have always loved teaching people new things! Once I began receiving more and more questions about my photography, offering mentoring seemed like such a natural thing to do next! I keep my sessions pretty unstructured so that we can cover whatever students feel they need the most help with. Typically I am going over my editing process using their images and making them presets based off of my knowledge of the tools and the tones that they like! Another I love sharing is posing and directing. I have students select a session type they need the most help with and then walk them through an entire shoot letting them know the struggles, directions I gave and what I was looking for in candid moments. Workshops have been such a blast! Nothing compares to getting to meet up with other photographers in person, learning from each other and working side by side. Workshop locations are also typically in the most amazing places so the chance to explore and photograph some place new is an amazing bonus.

TBC: So does your degree in Human Biology help you in your current business venture?

Twyla: Haha. Absolutely not.

TBC: You also sell presets! Tell us about that. What made you decide to offer that service? Where can our babes find them?!

Twyla: Yes, finally! I’ve been asked for such a long time! I thought offering editing mentorships could fulfill this need. I truly believe learning how to define what elements are beautiful to you and then apply that to the tools available to you is so much more powerful than a preset could ever be. That being said, the requests still came so I sat down last week with some of my favorite photos and did all of my favorite things to them! I really love how they turned out and use them on all of my work now. If interested you can find them here.


Lightning Round

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?


What is your favorite dish?

Everything Gary makes. And sushi. And tacos.

Which babe in history would you want to have lunch with, and why?

Honestly, no one in particular. I find everyone fascinating….I want to have tacos with all of you!!

Do you have any weird talents?

An extraordinary amount of patience

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Both! I work late and then my babies wake me up early. So so early.

What was the last book you read?

The Alchemist

What is your favorite social media platform?


What is your go-to drink?

Corona and lime

What can’t you leave home without?

Oscar and Ari

Best thing about where you live?

The wind, the waves and the sand

Are you a dog or cat person?


What is your guilty pleasure?

Editing other people’s photographs

What is your favorite quote?

If it’s not good enough; you’re not close enough. -Robert Capa

What is your favorite movie?

The Science of Sleep

What is the #1 song you can’t stop listening to right now?

Novo Amor - Anchor


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