Blooms and Beaches | Asia Dore

The moment this gorgeous session came into our submit inbox, I was so excited to share it with you babes. Not only do the images speak for themselves with the tones and the gorgeous babes, but the way that Asia describes it makes us fall in love even more. Here is what she had to say:

Andréa, my gorgeous model for this session, is a body positive advocate and plus size model. She's also one of the most confident women I know. But her confidence isn't just internal; it radiates off of her. She manages to inspire confidence in others just by being around them. Besides being a stunning model who's an absolute dream to work with, she's also a wonderful friend; the kind who will encourage your dreams no matter what, who will let you bitch for hours about one tiny thing, and who will always be down cocktails on a weeknight. AKA: a total Babe. 

Our vision for this session was dark, powerful simplicity. Andréa: Beautiful Dusk Queen of the Beach Who Doesn't Give A Fuck, or something along those poetic lines. We chose a sandy beach next to an abandoned mine in Juneau, Alaska, and started shooting just as the sun dropped below the horizon. Credit for makeup and creation of the beautiful flower crown goes to Andréa; I love how the reddish hues from the sunset brought out the deep burgundy of her lips and the roses in her crown. 

This shoot is special to me because as photographers we always have to find the line between creating art we're proud of and creating commissioned art that our clients will love. Similarly, as a model, Andréa is generally hired to bring a photographer's vision to life. So instead of pulling in a ton of vendors, renting a studio space, or using piles of props, we wanted to keep it mellow. And it felt so damn good to just go with the flow. We didn't have a shot list or a mood board. I didn't need to offer much direction. We both simply did our own thing while also working together to create something beautiful just for the sake of creating it.


I currently hang my hat in Wrangell, Alaska where I photograph beautiful humans who don't mind getting their boots muddy. My eyebrows are never on fleek and there’s usually always a half-completed craft project on my dining table. I believe in bottle openers on keychains, lifting others up, laughing ‘til I snort, creating my own happiness, keeping promises, and that real bravery is eating tacos in a white shirt.

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