Babetown 52 Week Photo Project | Week 1: New

So we kicked off the Babetown 52 week photo project with the promp " New" . It's a new year and after 2016, I think we're all ready for that fresh start. This week focus on "new." New gifts, new equipment, new life choices, new projects, new resolutions, new pieces, whatever strikes you. Show us what "new" is to you this week, babes!

Within the group, we encourage to share ANYTHING. It doesn't have to be specific to the Babetown content. Just get out and SHOOT! If you haven't joined the project yet, you can jump into the Facebook group here!

Chelsey Swanson of Chelsey Swanson Photography Chose this image of her little babe. Here is what she had to say:

New words. This week my son started saying "love you momma" It sounds a lot like "yel-yow momma" but I'll take it.

Oh and I just upgraded my gear. I'm pretty jazzed. New new new!

Misty Smith O'Dell of MSO Photography shared this image of new life

New Year. New Life.

Rachel of  Lovas Photos gets real with parenting, here is what she had to say:

New outtake on parenting: don't sweat the small stuff so much.

Cheyenne of  Cheyenne Rose Photography may have shed some tears over this one.

I cant pick one. New haircut. I'm still crying about it!

Adrianna of Adrianna Joy Photography is celebrating new ground.

New bond of marriage. New to shooting my ideal clients. I don't think I've ever felt this ready & empowered for the year before me. I feel so good about where I am at in my business & where things are headed. Here's to new adventures!

Caitlyn Eakins of Caitlyn Eakins Photography has another precious little babe this week!

my NEW flash modifier (used on my not-so-new little)

I love his dirty little face.

Chelsea Watkins of Stay Rad Art got some new ink, we dig it.

my "new" for this week is new ink! My amazing friend Norm came back to his hometown area to do some work on all of his friends that are still around here. I haven't gotten a tattoo in 8 years or since I've had my kiddos, so this was fun!

Sarah of Laurel + Prairie / Storytelling Photography got deep this week , we couldn't love it more.

This photo represents a new focus on creativity and doing what feeds my soul. It is from my first styled bridal shoot and part of my business plan with an end goal of being able to cut way back on my emotionally and physically demanding full-time job and focus on photography. I've always played it safe and have stuck with a career that I'm good at and pays well, but was never what I really wanted to do. This will be our first official year as Laurel + Prairie and I'm excited to be working on something that feels more fully "me" than anything that I've done before!

Kat of Requiem Images is trying out something a little different

letting subjects look into my lens!

Last, but not least, Me. Lola.

New Hair Cut New Community. New Friends New Hopes New Dreams New Reasons to Smile