We are starting a new series here on The Babetown Collective with : Babe Approved Workshops. 

It is true that there are many workshops, retreats , webinars and courses popping up everywhere right now and it's hard to know which one is right for you. So it's time for us to put our money where our mouth is an not just preach support, but do it.

The hard thing is that we can't tell you which investment is best for you, which educators you will connect with and what you really need to hear and work on right now in your business. We have seen many comments floating around the internet that some events have burned them and put them off of the idea of attending future events. Honestly, that breaks our hearts. There are so many incredible opportunities out there to connect with other amazing creatives, advance your craft and your business and grow as a person.    

What we can do is support the events that we know have your best interest at heart, those that are put together by people who truly understand the photography community needs and really pour their heart and soul into the experience. So what's required to be a Babe Approved Workshop?

  • A clear mission that is more for the benefit of the attendee that the organizer

  • An organizer that we here at Babetown have personally talked to and gotten to know on a personal level. ( AKA: Events cannot pay to be on this list ) 

  • A fair price to the attendee. We know that your hard earned money is just that, hard earned. So we will make sure you are getting every pennies worth. 

  • An effort to bring diversity and different names and educators to the workshop experience

  • A welcoming environment for our Babes and a fit with the Babetown Mission.

So let's kick it off with the first Workshop, shall we? 

It's not secret that I have a platonic love affair with Chadwick Braithwaite. He's one of those friends that you wait your whole life to find and then when you do, you're blown away by the radness. However, let me be clear. I am the first one to tell a friend when they have a shitty idea. A friend is a friend because they don't sugar coat things even while being supportive. When I learned about The Photo Rehab, I was completely taken back by this rad idea. 



The “Un”Workshop

It’s 3AM and you’re still at your desk. That six week turnaround time you promised is fast approaching and you’re 6 weddings deep in tulle and pink peonies. Your partner forgets what you look like and you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair. The emails keep piling up and you’re promising the world without being able to stand yours.

So that’s it. You quit Lightroom and finally say it out loud…’I need to go to rehab.’

The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

Photo Rehab is the ‘unworkshop.’ You won’t get carpal tunnel from note taking. There’s barely electricity out here so forget Powerpoint. No one’s going to show you the album that won them best photographer in the world.

This is a community. We’re all in this together. Kumbaya. Hakuna Matata.

We’ve hand picked local mentors to guide you through the good stuff, the meat of it. A real shoot with a real couple and they’ll guide you along their process. Each of you get a say, speak up. We want to hear your voice.

And we bring this all to you in one of the most badass locations in the country – North Carolina. Waterfalls and Mountains!

So check in. It’s time.

We have styled shoots. Activities and Hikes along with lots more shenanigans. This includes lodging, food, booze, transport and fun to and from the airport to Asheville.



We will leave a little bit of mystery here so you can go check out the website ( it's laid out incredibly ) but some of our favorite picks are: 

Jillian Clark

“Boudoir/Nude: Lighting and Posing the Human Form” & “Editorial Portraits from Start to Finish”

Alicia Juniku

“Family Portraits With A Story” & “A Bond Between Baby and Mom”

Andrew & Shannon Horton

“Same Sex Couples” & “Bonfire Sessions”

The Deets:


SEPTEMBER 24-28, 2017



They have locked down their location in Black Mountain North Carolina. Just 20 minutes east of Asheville. A gorgeous lodge in the woods so close to the amazing beauty that is North Carolina.



Chad does offer INCREDIBLE payment arrangements so that you can make it to this incredible event


Oh, and I'll be there ( and paid for my own fucking ticket cause this is INCREDIBLE ) - I hope to see you!