Top 40 Rock N Roll Inspired Portraits | Babetown Weekly Challenge


This week in our Facebook group, we encourages our babes to embrace Rock N Roll vibes and shows us what they have created. I love seeing the diversity in light, editing, poses, approaches and styling. Here are our top 40 images from this weeks challenge:

Adrian Rowan‎.jpg

Adrian Rowan‎

Amina Ahmad Ford.jpg

Amina Ahmad Ford

Ashley Christiansen.jpg

Ashley Christiansen

Ashley Gonzales.jpg

Ashley Gonzales

Birdie Lyn Pavlik.jpg

Birdie Lyn Pavlik

Bree Lion‎.jpg

Bree Lion‎

Brianna Ellis‎.jpg

Brianna Ellis‎

Cara Totman.jpg

Cara Totman

Chelsea Blank.jpg

Chelsea Blank

Christian Townsend.jpg

Christian Townsend

Ciara Mc Mullan.jpg

Ciara Mc Mullan

Dana Baker.jpg

Dana Baker

Elizabeth E. George.jpg

Elizabeth E. George

Elizabeth Rose Cole‎.jpg

Elizabeth Rose Cole‎

Ella Sophie.jpg

Ella Sophie

Heather Koepp.jpg

Heather Koepp

Heather Larsen‎.jpg

Heather Larsen‎

Heidi Duncan‎.jpg

Heidi Duncan‎

Helana Michelle Freimann.jpg

Helana Michelle Freimann

India Tungate.jpg

India Tungate

Jessica Hauser Flinchum.jpg

Jessica Hauser Flinchum

Jyn Armstrong.jpg

Jyn Armstrong

Lisa Wolford.jpg

Lisa Wolford

Marlee Schuld‎.jpg

Marlee Schuld‎

Melissa Runyon‎.jpg

Melissa Runyon‎

Nikki Hollett.jpg

Nikki Hollett

Renée Dee Moonunit.jpg

Renée Dee Moonunit

Ronne Breaux Pierce‎.jpg

Ronne Breaux Pierce‎

Tati BVier.jpg

Tati BVier

Tjaša Završnik.jpg

Tjaša Završnik

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