Our Top Tips For Getting Your Photos Published On Our Blog


That’s right, babes. The submission desk has flipped it’s sign from closed to OPEN and we are ready and willing to share your incredible work and story on the BTC Blog.

*insert happy dance here*

Now, before you start scanning your meticulously titled folders on your computer and uploading all your favourite sessions that have yet to see the light of day because you’ve just been waiting for submissions to re-open, take a read below at our Top Tips For Getting Your Photos Published On Our Blog, then select your images with care and submit your story with confidence. Babe, we’re ready for you.


Top Tip #1 - Keep it Raw and Authentic

At Babetown we like it raw, we like it gritty, we like it real and authentic. Take away the filters, the polished society ideals of perfection and give us something we, as babes from all walks of life, can really relate to and go ‘YES!’. Authenticity drives connection and we want to feel like we are part of your innermost circle.


Top Tip #2 - Make Your Story Count

Every single feature on the blog has a story that pushes boundaries, reveals our most intimate details for the sake of honesty, and gives the finger to those perfectly planned Pinterest inspiration shoots by inviting the truth to surface and be captured. The story submitted with the images should make us feel; when we look at the images why should we care, and what meaning might we pull from what we are looking at? The subject of your shoot; what did the shoot mean to them, was it special for any specific reason or occasion? What about you, the photographer? Share with us so we can share your story with the world.


Top Tip #3 - Creativity Encouraged

We want to see your magic. Those who are featured on the Blog have magic flowing through their veins and they reveal it in the images they create and share. Creativity drips like beads of sweat from excited anticipation as the photographer takes each shot. This is what we want. We want your creative blood, sweat and tears. The Babetown Blog is the perfect place to showcase something new you’ve been creating and working on, especially if it goes against the grain of your usual work and strikes a heartstring of passion from within. We thrive on creativity so bring us your most creative.


Top Tip #4 - Grimms vs Disney

We tend to be a little more Grimm’s instead of Disney, if you catch our vibe, so the work you submit should be a little less butterflies and rainbows and a little more fog-laced forests with mystery hiding in the trees. We love for the images themselves to tell a story, but we love that story to push boundaries, celebrate a milestone in the human experience, and show what it’s really like to be a babe today.


Top Tip #5 - It’s All Gotta Flow

We want the images and the story they share, along with the submitted story, to all flow and vibe well together. The images should all be from one consistent shoot for the sake of story and continuity, and the story you submit should match. We want the other babes in the collective to understand you and the message you stand for. Keep that in mind when you’re submitting all the pieces of your story.


We are beyond thrilled to see the work that is ready to brave the light of day and shed insight, light and love on babes everywhere. The Babetown Collective is really all about community, babes supporting babes, and being real to create true connection. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been creating, what sparks your soul, and what will draw our community even closer together.

To learn more about all the submission guidelines, and to submit your work