Warm Atlanta Couple | with Leslie D'Haeseleer

This Atlanta couple's session is speaking to our hearts and giving us warm Southern vibes. As summer comes to a close, we're moving towards warm tones and a deeper connection. Leslie D'Haeseleer of Facethisworld Photography does it so well. Read how she came to snag this couple and feel warm and fuzzy with us!

Do you have that moment in your heart where it finally clicks what sets your soul on fire? The days up until this session, that moment hit for me. I have always known I was drawn to love and the story that unfolds in front of my eyes when two people are wrapped up inside it. There is nothing more artistic to me than people who love each other. Now, I shoot a lot of families, but mostly Motherhood inspired sessions; badass mama’s and their babies and or maternity...but for what ever reason I was not booking couples. This was something I absolutely knew I wanted to change. It is something I knew I wanted to grasp more of in my work, and to chase after this new brand I set up this session with Tiffany and Josh. It was a model call, and some how I got lucky as all sam hell get out...because LOOK at them! How adorable are they?? I spent a day or two trying to find a specific location. I swear half of my time spent towards this business is driving around aimlessly finding a spot that looks magical “enough”. But, nonetheless that seems to always be one of the top things that excites me most for inspiration each session. Location is everything! I found this spot and immediately saw the golden straw fields and knew it would set the mood for my vision.

We met up, and boom! That was literally all she wrote. These two were so much fun and easy going...capturing their story was cake. They were young and in love and full of magic in their eyes. My favorite moment of this session was toward the end and I asked them to slow dance. OH MY! The energy and intimacy....you could feel it in your bones. Sometimes words are never good enough when you get to talk about the things you love, so I feel very fortunate to be able to express that with images that I hope make my clients and viewers feel. I could do this forever. A million times, THANK YOU.

I'm Leslie and I am a natural light photographer out of Acworth, Georgia; specializing in lifestyle photography and creating art out of connections. The connections inside you, and the ones shared with the people you are passionate about most. I believe in love, light, and all the details that live inside it.


Jamie Carle