Hot and Heavy Warehouse Engagement | with Katie Lynn Harris

We're kicking off your Tuesday with a hot and heavy engagement sesh from Katie Harris. We're loving the rough background in contrast with two gorgeous individuals and how Katie captured them.

This steamy engagement session was really important to me to shoot. From the moment I saw Ty and Nicolette I knew I needed to photograph them. They entered a contest I held when I first launched my business but they did not win and for that I’m actually thankful. I’ve learned to trust the timing of life. I needed to grow as a photographer, develop a style, and see what direction I wanted to take my business. I discovered this location right after deciding I wanted to take on more intimate couple sessions.

I have been friends with Ty on Facebook for some time and throughout that time I had also added Nicolette. They seem like beautiful people inside and out. Anyone that follows them on social media can see the passion and love between them. Ty has a rocker heartthrob look with his blonde curls and big smile and Nicolette has beautiful features from long brown hair and looks similar to Natalie Portman in my opinion, just beautiful. I love their style and everything in me wanted to photograph them.

Nicolette has never been photographed professionally. Not even senior portraits. This girl was so cool and relaxed. She could stare right into the camera without seeming shy or unsure. She seriously blew me away. I hope to work with her again and maybe do a boudoir session.

Ty.. I had him bring his guitar because I had this really cool idea of getting him playing in this big abandoned building and making it look really cool and edgy. Of course I started the shoot off with a song request so I captured them together while he played a little John Mayer Your body is a wonderland. I knew things were about to get really hot when I was posing them together and he said “Is it ok if I take my shirt off” and I blurted out OF COURSE and from there it was like they were the only two in the room.

I am a boudoir and maternity photographer. I live about an hour from the Pittsburgh area in a small town. I am trying to improve with every shoot. I am still very new to this business but love the style I am creating for myself and my customers.


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