Unicorn Boudoir- Yes, You Read That Right | with Elizabeth Zimmerman

We're obsessed with Elizabeth Zimmerman's approach to viral boudoir and the need to jazz that shit up. Just because it's weird doesn't mean it's good- and she's proving that with this amazing curvy unicorn boudoir sesh. Our hearts are melting over this one, and we're ecstatic to share this with all of you!

We’ve all seen those horrible “boudoir” sessions go viral. You know the ones. The sexy dinosaur, the chubby bearded farmer on a tractor…or laying in a field of grass, the Cookie Monster and the red Muppet in heels.

Just. God. Awful.

And honestly, an embarrassment to my lovely genre of photography.

I wholeheartedly believe that men should be shot in a boudoir session. Do it correctly. Light him well, pose him well, flatter his body and features. But — don’t make it, and him, a joke. If you’d like to see some male boudoir DONE RIGHT, check out my best friend Jen Swedhin’s work (link: http://jenswedhinphotography.com). She specializes in shooting male boudoir.

So, when the conversation came up between my teammates and myself, we wanted to put something together that would be truly WORTHY of going viral. And so we decided: What would be better than a CURVY UNICORN BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT?!

That’s right – nothing!

So, we got together for a super secret session and we played. Lauren rocked the fuck out of the unicorn makeup. Sarah made sweet love to the wigs and wardrobe. We jammed loud music, drank truckloads of caffeine and got to work, y’all. It’s been soooo hard keeping it on the DL.

If you knew Sarah, you’d understand why she was chosen to be our unicorn. She is the literal definition of a unicorn. She is sparkly and pretty and sugary sweet and so happy, all the damn time. She is a magnet that just pulls you in. Then she takes such good care of you and covers you in love and kisses and all things unicorn-y. If you have not met Sarah yet, please make it your life’s mission to be in her presence. She is seriously incredible. Travel the world to get your hair done by her, in Austin Texas. It’ll be worth the trip. Ha! She is my spirit animal…and I’m sure will become yours once you see this session.

Torrid Boudoir is an intimate portraiture photography studio led by me, Elizabeth Zimmerman. I've been empowering women through the magic of boudoir for 5 years. I shoot specifically for emotion and love the transformation I see from the moment our client walks in through the door to the moment she leaves, feeling high on life!



Lauren Torres
Unleashed by Lauren

Hair & Wardrobe:
Sarah Swofford
Swoff Style

Jamie Carle