Happy Fall Y'all | with Kayla Mattox

With Halloween just around the corner, we're serving you some fall realness. I think we've all had swooning moments in a craft store, and we've definitely all wanted a mini photoshoot in our favorite store as well. Kayla Mattox went for it with her bestie and we love the results!

Hey Y’all! My best friend and I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the pumpkin spice latte and all things Fall décor! (haven’t we all?!?) When we found out it was all out finally, we held nothing back! We shopped until we drop, drank a little too much pumpkin spice and laughed until it hurt. At one point, Carissa got stuck in the cart and a lady walking by was cracking up. She said “This is the kinds of things we moms have to do with each other to stay sane.” SHE WAS SO RIGHT! Sometimes you need a little mom time away from the kids to celebrate the things that you love! We hope you love what we did as much as we did! Mom’s can have a blast too so find your BFF and have some fun like we did! You wont regret it! Happy Fall Y’all!

Hey Yall! I am a photographer, mom and military wife! I love life and seek to have the most fun. I never take myself seriously. Life is too short.


Jamie Carle