Abandoned Couples Shoot | with April Adams

We can't help but to feel empowered and badass by looking through these images. April Adams satiates our need for abandoned buldings, weapons, and hot couples. Check these images out and read what she has to say!

I’m pretty in love with this session. I rounded up my friend Caty, her dude pal Ryan, and my good friend Moe who is also a photographer. Together we met up at an abandoned building I frequently use (with permission) and shot for over 3 hours. My idea was to bring my photographer friend along to shoot the same subjects and compare the drastic differences in our shooting styles. It was pretty awesome! I did envision a photo of the two of them with antique sickles and smoke bombs and they nailed it! Aside from that we didn’t really have too much direction and were rather spontaneous. I love their chemistry in the images and Caty’s dominance is pretty phenomenal. Caty is breaking into the modeling industry and said this session was important to her, a big fuck you to all the people in her life that are telling her how to live her life.

I'm a photographer that just moved to Northwest Indiana from the South Chicago suburbs. Photography is my jam. Everything from conceptual fine arts to weddings and families.


Jamie Carle