Maryland Pizza Date | with Mary Bell

How cute is this walk around downtown Ellicot City filled with snuggles, coffee, parks, and pizza? Mary Bell brings us a sweet session that showcases what Andie and Tyler are really about. We love the real factor in this engagement shoot and we can't to share it!

I knew that Andie and Tyler would be a memorable couple within the first couple of emails. Andie used to be a second shooter for a wedding photographer and had apparently been having quite a hard time finding a photographer who’s style she liked. I think that any photographer is always beyond excited and grateful when clients are picking them for their personal style and not some other uninspiring reason.
When talking about what they wanted to do for their engagement session they already had an idea that they were pretty stuck on. The two of them had spent a lot of time in Downtown Ellicot City, MD and the area meant a lot of the both of them. The city is in the process of recovering from some terrible flooding that happened just last summer. Andie and Tyler have been patiently waiting for their favorite spots to open back up so they could visit. They really wanted to have their engagement session take place in this city that was so important to them, doing things that they loved to do together, which is going to a coffee shop and eating pizza.
If that doesn’t speak to my soul I don’t know what does.

I loved working with them. They were awkward, weirded out by being on the other side of them camera, and nervous. It was amazing. I know a lot of photographers dream of the sexy model looking couple, with the big budget wedding or elopement, off in the mountains with amazing views and a couple who can’t seem to take a bad photograph. This is not Andie and Tyler and that’s why I loved it. Just two normal people doing their normal thing and wanting it documented. That’s why I got into photography in the first place. To take photos of people and what they love and how they love. It didn’t hurt that they trusted me. They laid down on dirty floors, ran across roads and climbed all over the place. It was magical to us, and that’s all that matters.

Mary Bell is a portrait, couples, and brand photographer based out of Southern MD. She is dedicated to creating emotive, edgy and meaningful photographs that reflect the love and passion of herself and her clients. You can usually find her at her local coffee shop re listening to the Serial podcast while furiously catching up on editing. Or hiking at a park, to avoid editing.


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