Spiritual Self-Love Journey (NSFW) | with Kim Jey

Sending you some seriously spiritual vibes on a self love journey we can get behind. If it has horses, milk baths, and a babe who is into love and self-healing, we're in! Kim Jey introduces us to Kristin, and we love the results.

I met Kristin at work. She is such a vibrant, warm, friendly person, always putting out good, positive vibes. We developed a friendship over the short months that we worked together. She asked me to take some boudoir photos of her because since losing her mother several years ago, coming out of a bad relationship, being introduced to self harm and cutting, and not loving herself...she found her happy place in yoga, her community and family. She stopped cutting, her tattoo of her pony covers up most of her scars, (yes, she owns two beautiful horses) she’s proud of her body, she’s 100% vegan, worked really hard to get her body healthy and I think all that hard work, dedication, patience and self-healing paid off!! Overall, I think she’s such a beautiful person inside and out!!

So we did a trade, she is a licensed esthetician. She did a series of microdermabrasion sessions..(which OMG, I needed them, as I had my own personal-loathing issues to deal with.) During our micro facial sessions, she was always so loving, and taught me so much about my skin and health, and always told me I was beautiful. In short, she built me up each session!

I’m a sucker for anyone that has a gentle and loving soul, and truly treats everyone equal. I witnessed Kristin, go through a few break ups. Several guys that took her love for granted, often times she would get down and be self-deprecating but I would encourage her each time. Plus, when you think of a boudoir session, you think of your partner in mind, that you are doing it for them too..right? Well...it took me a year to edit and send them to her and I’m so glad I took my sweet time to deliver these photos because none of the guys she was dating in that period deserved to see these beautiful photos...ha!

So, when she decided on the boudoir session, she asked if she could do a milk-bath too, and I jumped to the idea! It was my first milk bath session and there were several Instagram posts that were already showing beautiful milk-bath portraits...so with some prep and our other friend, we created a simple and beautiful milk-bath tub for her and had fun playing and experimenting with different liquids and smoke bombs!

An Indian girl married to an American boy calling the Pacific Northwest our home. Wedding & lifestyle photographer and brand owner of MELA. I live a wonderful life pursuing happiness found in meeting amazing people, hearing their stories and taking their photos.