Beachy Babe Boudoir | with Catherine Holmes

We're digging these water vibes and smiles from Catherine Holmes today! Gorgeous model Elizabeth makes our hearts full as she poses while laughing and showing us how happy she is. We're also loving Catherine's use of harsh light, especially in a water setting. She kills it!

Elizabeth never ceases to amaze me. She is the most confident woman I have ever known, and that is saying a lot. I always admired her ability to be confident and love her body because I struggle with it so badly. There’s this stigma that we should all conform into this little tight bubble that society has made for us and I have tried for so many years to fit into that bubble. Elizabeth, on the other hand, has said fuck that bubble. In this session, much like her other, she is so in tune with herself. She knows her body looks amazing and prides herself in knowing that she is beautiful on not only the outside, but also within.
When I asked her how she became so confident in herself, she told me that it was a lot of faking it. She pretended that she was confident until she learned to be confident in herself. It reminded me of one of my favorite TED talks where the speaker said, “Fake it until you become it.”
I mean just look at her poses! Those were all natural! Sure, I made some suggestions because of light and what not, but she just swam and loved herself. It was all so genuine and I felt honored to shoot what felt like another milestone in her journey.
There are going to be times when it is next to impossible to convince yourself that you are good enough. That what you see in the mirror will be enough. However, one day you will be able to accept yourself and all of your inner and outer beauty. You won’t question your worth and you will fully embrace every curve and dimple.
It won’t happen overnight but it is a wonderful journey.
Once you start it, you won’t ever go back.

Catherine is a self love enthusiast from Chesapeake, VA. She enjoys eating, and binge watching TV series on Netflix. Her favorite color is yellow for her grandmother and she is pretty sure she is a gypsy at heart.



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