Mountainside Maternity | with Caroline Ellis

We're featuring this gem of a maternity session with you today. Caroline Ellis is constantly blowing us away with her images. This is a heavy story of loss and the strength to continue. We hope that you feel every word and most of all, feel the love that these two parents share.

I initially met Lauren’s husband, Van, before I knew Lauren existed. One of my favorite things about her, though, is that she’s one of the most genuine women I’ve ever met. She’s up front and completely honest—and you can’t help but love her! Needless to say, we were instant friends. She’s passionate, intentional, and always up for a new experience. Lauren is one of those friends that instantly makes you feel at ease, which is one of the things that makes her so loveable!

Lauren’s story as a mother begins way before her and Van got married or conceived. After college, Lauren moved to Haiti for a season to work in an orphanage. While there, she bonded so deeply with one of the children, that she began the process to adopt the young girl. Tragically, in the middle of the adoption process, this little girl, the one that made Lauren a mother, passed away. Being a mother isn’t limited to simple flesh and bones, but a fierce, courageous, and loving bond. It was a few years later when Lauren was on her own and living in Nepal (yep, you read that right), when her and Van started dating. They were engaged shortly after. Once the baby is born, they’ll be moving overseas to either the Middle East or northern Africa.

One of my favorite things about the two of them as a couple is their drive and passion. Van is always looking for the next skill to learn or journey for them to take. I’m confident that wherever life takes them, this baby will know no small amount of love or adventure. As I do with all sessions, I like to specifically choose the location to best reflect and bring out my clients’ personalities. Which, of course, meant that we had to go on an adventure. After getting rained out on the day of the session, we drove all over Western North Carolina the next day, visiting overlooks, getting into waterfalls, and even visiting the location where they were married (an airport hangar—how freaking awesome?!?). I loved every second of my time with them, and I think it shows in the images.

I'm a story-teller. Servant of the moment, wanting to tell the raw joy, emotion, and authenticity of the moment. The camera is my medium.