Sunset Family Proposal | with Iron & Lace

There is something so magical about including children in a decision that forever changes their lives- like a proposal for marriage. We're loving that Cory and Jess have such a close connection to their boys and that Maggie of Iron and Lace Photography was there to capture all of it. Try not to cry (it's hard, trust me) reading this story and looking through these photos! Pure joy.

Cory + Jess have been friends of ours for years. She has two overly sweet boys that adore their mom. Cory had been waiting for a way to propose to Jess and had already talked to me about being there to capture the moment, so when Jess asked to have a session of just her and her sons a light bulb went off! She told me how she wanted to remember how it had been just her and the boys before they became a family all together (seriously - how perfect!) I had a perfect location with a gorgeous open field that is my favorite spot for sunset sessions. Cory rode with my husband and I and hid while I did some photos of just the three. I told Jess I just wanted photos of her and my husband took the boys to go check out a chicken coop - but was really going to get them each a single stemmed red rose. (already melting writing this). While I was getting some individuals of Jess, Cory snuck up behind her and got down on one knee before asking her to be his bride. The boys came sprinting at them with roses in hand yelling “Are you guys getting married right now?” + “So can I call you Dad now?”. Jess was completely shocked and my husband and I were honored that we got to be part of their ever-so-special moment. We couldn’t be happier for them and the gallery from their session makes me swoon. All of their love just comes pouring out through the photos. Jess is still glowing about the day and I can’t wait to see her as a gorgeous bride and them tie the knot! Getting to capture this moment for such an amazing couple and soon to be family gave me all the feels.

I am an Iowa native specializing in lifestyle + storytelling photography both in homes and on location. Boy mommy. Pinterest addict. I can't turn down craft beer, live music, or local adventures.