Minimalist Perth Boudoir | with Alannah Liddell (NSFW)

We're ending your week with a special treat. This one is truly, truly a work of art. Alannah Liddell in Perth uses her model and background in the Australian desert to give us something stunning. She's using mirrors and harsh light in such a masterful way, its blowing us away. Scroll down to see why we're so enamored.

A big part of this series was learning to embrace the skin we live in everyday, that there is always strength in vulnerability. I wanted to show that while not every photo is technically perfect to me the emotions the rawness it captures far outweigh the perfections, mood will always win, every time. I am lucky enough to have a career that allows me the freedom of creativity and getting ‘weird’. Creativity is only a beautiful thing if we actually use it.

My muse Tiffany had never bared all for a shoot before so I was expecting there to be some elements of shyness and vulnerability to the images. However, she proved me wrong, she showed complete love and acceptance of her own skin to the point I almost forgot she was nude. I wanted her to fully embrace herself and her skin, I wanted her to run around and enjoy herself as well, carefree, unposed, as if no one was watching her – letting her do her own thing instead of me constructing her every pose.

The setting to me was also very important, I wanted something very earthy, clean but minimalistic as well so she was the only subject in the images, it really showed through that Tiffany was sharing the most vulnerable parts of herself with the camera without anything to hide behind both mentally and physically.

Photographer based in Perth, Western Australia
A young passionate heart who loves all things adventure love and anything coffee related.

Meeting new people, connecting with others, and making little pieces of art with my clients are a few of my favorite things. You be you, I’ll be me, and once you let go and be yourself, thats when the best images come.


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