Magical Floral Boudoir | with Lauren Driscoll

Incorporating crystals and florals into a lacey and dark boudoir shoot has to be our new favorite thing. Photographer Lauren Driscoll adds florals into her boudoir shoots to give them a beautiful extra touch, and we love how she ties it all together. Read about why she chose to step outside the box and how she's empowering her clients to own it.

This past year I have really been reaching out to women within the industry to collaborate and work with them rather than compete with them. The florist for this shoot, Joslyn, recently reached out to me and, long story short, became one my most favorite vendors yet. We decided to collaborate and add on to my boudoir packages a free custom floral crown for the session.

Joslyn works in the wedding industry as well, creating masterpieces for her brides on their big day. Meagan, the babe featured in this session was actually Joslyn’s first bride! Meagan lives in Portland, Oregon and was coming to PA to visit family and friends and decided that it would be the perfect time to do a session so that she could give it to her husband for their anniversary. The flower crown that Joslyn created actually had dried flowers from Meagan’s arch that her and her husband said their vows under on their wedding day.

Meagan was blown away by how thoughtful that touch was. It definitely helped tie this whole anniversary session together!

Meagan has told me that she’s always struggled with her body image, as do most women in this perfectionist society. She decided to stick with the theme of paper for her first anniversary present, but knew she wanted it to be something special. She said “I wanted to do this thing that really terrified me, to prove to myself and my husband that I can learn to love myself. I would put myself out there, so very far beyond my comfort zone, and it would be okay. We could have a happy life together free from this dark cloud that I’ve been under for so many years, and I did!”

After we finished the session I could tell that there was a weight lifted off of Meagan’s shoulders, everyone feels those nervous butterflies before starting a session, but Meagan definitely broke free and I could tell was more confident in herself by the end of the session. “During the shoot Lauren made me feel like a goddess. It wasn’t terrifying or embarrassing, it was fun! I felt what it could be like to live unapologetically. To feel confident in my own skin (and not much else). I was so excited I told my husband all about it, about 4 1/2 months too early.” This year I have had more boudoir sessions booked for the lady themselves than any other year. Self love is really starting to become a thing and I love every moment of it. I tell every client that even though they’re doing this session for their significant other, in the end, the babe themselves will benefit more from the images and love them more than she thought she would.

I know that this was an anniversary gift for Meagan’s husband, but I truly believe it’s even more of a gift to herself. It shows her how gorgeous she is and how her body is beautiful and she always had the confidence! Sessions like this are truly why I love my job.

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I'm a wedding and boudoir photographer based in Philadelphia and love to empower women by photographing them in the prettiest lingerie outside with nature. When I'm not photographing babes, I'm usually hanging out in my little apartment with my kitty and boyfriend. I just love making women feel beautiful, confident and realize how truly perfect they are.