Personal Intimacy | with Anete Lusina

We're loving this personal session from Anete Lusina. She photographed fellow photographer Victoria and worked with MUA Kate Atkinson to give us intimacy and emotion. Not quite a boudoir, and not quite a studio session- Anete delivers something raw and relatable through her work. We're excited to share this with you.

I photographed the lovely Victoria, who’s also a photographer herself, as a confidence boost, as something to remind Victoria that whatever has happened in her personal life, she’s still a beautiful, intelligent and successful woman, artist and a business person.

Our make-up was done by the talented Kate Atkinson, who brought out Victoria’s natural features because none of us went for the false, over-done look. Instead, it was all about Victoria and therefore the make up had to reflect that.

I photographed her at my home studio. In fact, it’s not a studio per se, it’s where I live. I want to shoot people in natural settings, give them something to interact with and make them feel relaxed, at home. Victoria and myself left the session buzzing, I couldn’t have asked for a better mood boost as soon as I saw the images on the back of my camera!

I am primarily a people photographer. I shoot emotions, thoughts, feelings. The connection to every person I photograph to me is important, because that's what makes a visual story.