Urban Maryland Boudoir | with Coral Dove

Words don't seem to do this soft and feminine city boudoir session justice. You just have to see it. This intimate showcase from Caitlin Taylor of Coral Dove is stunning and we love her use of light with model and fellow photographer Kelsey. Caitlin's message of empowerment and working together makes us love this even more.

Goodness where to start with this shoot! Kelsey is a graphic designer and incredibly talented photographer based in Knoxville, Tennessee. She loves traveling, shooting weddings, and hanging with her adorable hedgehog. Kelsey gives so much of her creative heart to her photography and I wanted to do something special for her like she has done for her clients. Kelsey did a portrait session for me before and made me feel so beautiful so I really wanted to do the same for her. We borrowed her friend’s gorgeous downtown Knoxville apartment and shot at sunrise.

I tend to plan photo shoots in the morning. I love shooting first thing in the morning when the light is just rising and I haven’t been distracted by the world’s noise. There is something so fresh and exciting about starting a new day with a shoot- and coffee. Lots of coffee.

I believe there is something so empowering about participating in a session bearing your soul. I soak up the vulnerability and rawness of celebrating your body. I could feel her confidence growing throughout the session. I had never photographed a boudoir session before but I quickly fell in love with them. There is so much value in giving women the confidence to love themselves and truly feel beautiful inside and out. I want all women to feel like they are worthy and incredible people. My goal is to make women to feel comfortable and radiant in their own skin, and proud of their image printed on paper as well as in real life. I want them leaving my sessions full of pride for who they are. We as women need to work together and empower one another. Women, I urge you to have a boudoir session done. You are beautiful exactly how you are in this moment, believe in yourself.

Hi there! I'm Caitlin, a vegan photographer living in Frederick, MD. I'm obsessed with records, B movies & photographing emotional moments. When I'm not shooting you can find me hanging with my guinea pigs & riding my bike!