Rainbow Prism Showers | with Sarah Rose (NSFW)

This amazing rainbow inspired boudoir is touching all of our boudoir-loving hearts. Sarah Rose captures Elise perfectly with her use of light and water. This is truly intimacy, and reminds us of what an art form the body can be. Read what Sarah has to say, because we guarantee, you need to hear it.

“I’m gonna be totally honest, though, I’m still a little on the fence because I’m feeling shy!”

You know that feeling you get when a downright goshdarnit beautiful woman is sighing, wishing she had bigger this or smaller that? Better these or more shapely those? That feeling that goes something like, “I JUST WANNA SCOOP YOUR FACE BETWEEN MY HANDS AND LOOK YOU IN THE EYES AND GIVE YOU THE SUPERPOWER OF SEEING YOURSELF THE WAY I SEE YOU!”

Yeah, that’s basically the feeling I got when Elise told me she wasn’t ready to commit to a intimate portrait session.

But you know what? If you’re on the fence, it’s okay.

It’s ok to feel too big or too small or not enough this or too much that. This affirmation is something that I’d love to see more of in the self-love movement. Meet yourself where you are, right now. It’s ok to be in the journey of accepting who you are. It’s ok to want to attain something different for your body. It’s ok to not wear those short shorts or crop tops or plunging necklines or bodycon dresses or be the subject of any photographs. It’s ok to not have that bubbling confidence. It’s ok to be in a state of unrest and have aspirations for something better.


But, but, but.

Don’t hold yourself back from the steps that move you onward. You’re here, yes. But don’t stay.

Love yourself where you’re at, and then take a step forward and love yourself there, too. Love yourself when you take three steps backwards or when you take two running leaps forward.

And when it comes to intimate photo sessions, don’t let the idea of imperfection hold you back. Portraits are empowering and can be so crucial to the whole idea and journey of self-acceptance, which of course, is a never-ending battle. No matter how much you grow, there will always be room for more. The idea of imperfection is a ruse. It’s a dirty little trick your mind plays on you; its core purpose is to squash your happiness. So if photos are going to make you take a little step forward in self-acceptance and personal growth? DO THEM. If they’re going to make you nervous? DO THEM. If they’re going to make you feel imperfect? Tell yourself that’s the last time you’re going to fall for that joke, laugh in the hologram face of imperfection, and DO THEM!

These intimate sessions shouldn’t be about looking your best, they should be about looking like YOU.

They shouldn’t be about impressing your friends or your significant other, they should be about impressing YOU.

They’re a testimony. A landmark. A way to say “THIS IS ME AND I’M ALIVE SO I’M AWESOME.”

And that’s exactly why Elise did this session.

I value emotion, connection, and artistry. Creating imagery that aspires to these things is my lifeline, and I strive to be an artist whose work evokes feeling in its audience. Whether those photographs are of a single face or of many, my process remains the same: cultivate a personal connection with my subjects so that the images created are both real and vulnerable.