Sunset Family Session | with Carley Rehberg

When we think of the perfect family session, we're totally thinking of this dreamy golden set. We're falling in love with little Mekai, and his co-parenting mom and dad. Their love and ability to share their love of Mekai is both admirable and inspiring. We're touched to be able to show you this gorgeous one from Carley Rehberg.

Mekai is now 3 1/2 years old. FULL of sass, a sense of humor, the sweetest laugh, the most curious imagination and the craziest head of hair. He certainly gives mom, Lindsay, and dad, Darius, a run for their money. Mom and dad split their time and co-parent this little guy beautifully. He’s currently obsessed with all things legos, airplanes, feeding the fish with his Lola and super heroes.. He is so loved by everyone he meets. He’s a little extra loved by me... I am his aunt and love every second of it. It’s an honor to get to use my camera and capture his life every step of the way. I want him and his parents to look back on all his photographs and remember just how loved he is. Preserving these memories are everything. I can’t wait to see where the next adventure takes us.