Respecting All Pieces of The Creative Puzzle | Thoughts from a Hair and Makeup Artist

I didn't always want to be a hair and makeup artist. Before deciding to go to hair school I was accepted into art school. I wanted to be a photographer. Why didn't I stick with that path? Why didn't I become a photographer? I didn't have any real talent in photography. It was fun but I wouldn't have made it very far. I don't see things like a talented photographer does, I don't have the eye for it. I work with photographers now and I don't regret for a second not going into photography. Hair and makeup are my passion. 

When I'm on set I look at my work before the first photo is taken. Sometimes I love how it turned out and then other times I wonder if I was working with my eyes closed. Then I get to see the first photo and I see what the photographer captured of my work and I'm in awe. I love photographers! (Well most of them) I can’t even handle the talent photographers have. 


Obviously, I’m not like every makeup artist out there, I have the highest amount of respect for other creatives, especially photographers. In our world that's not always the case.  I often hear things from other HMUA’s like “Photographers suck at communicating.” or “Photographers don't send me good photos of my work.” and the one I hear the most, “photographers don't give me proper credit.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away from a photo shoot frustrated, questioning my talent and my choice to pursue this as my career. Why do I walk away this way? There are several reasons. One of the biggest is because respect isn't always going both ways. I’ve seen creatives in the same room acting like their piece of the creative puzzle is more important than the others. It happens, but why the need to make others feel like their skill and their talent is less? We are all in this and we all need each other.

Without photographers who would capture breathtaking moments and freeze them in time to relive and feel forever? Without models who would be the beautiful subject and put up with crazy ideas? Without HMUA’s, who would accentuate the beauty and mask the imperfections? Without photographers, HMUA’s and models would just create things for fun with no way to remember it or capture it. Without models, photographers would all be nature photographers and HMUA’s would do makeup on trees. Without HMUA’s, photographers would spend way more time in photoshop. You get the picture. This doesn't sound like a world I want to be a part of. Does it to you? I can’t hear your answers but I hope you all agree. 



At the end of the day, we all need each other. We each bring something different to the table. When we go into a creative moment thinking we don't need one piece of the puzzle we lose sight of what is important. We lose sight of our art. As artists, I think it's safe to say, we all seek admiration for our art. Shouldn't we all give what we seek out daily? I admire the hell out of the other creatives I work with. I know for a fact that there are the similar frustrations about HMUAs and models that there are about photographers. I hope that when people walk away from working with me that I've helped show that we aren't all bad apples. Going into a creative space knowing the frustrations that can arise helps all of us remember to admire the other creatives art and share the respect. My point is respect is hard to give sometimes because we have had a bad experience but we aren't all the bad reputation that is within our professions. Respect the creative process and the people who are there to assist in it. 

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