Seeing Through the Weeds | with Sierra Leone

When we saw Sierra Leone's beautiful session with her daughter, we were blown away. When we saw that she had included photos of the patches of grass, walls, and pullbacks, we knew we wanted to share it with you babes. Sierra talks us through making the most of our environment, and seeing the world differently as photographers.

On Mondays we create! And today was a beautiful day to do so. After doing our usual home schooling lesson, Tenzin and I got dressed and off we went, to our local Town Center to snap a few shots. Lately, I have been attempting to train my eyes and mind to see the beauty in everything around me. So as we were walking down to our usual “spot”, I stopped, and all of a sudden it hit me... Sierra, get down low, eye level to Tenzin, and see the world through her eyes. She’s always been a fearless, full of light, energetic child. A “Princess Warrior” as her Umi (my mom) calls her. So she must like what she sees, right? And we were, at our local photography spot, where we had walked right past this magical location NUMEROUS TIMES! I was looking at the world and seeing exactly what my 4 year old sees on a daily. I realized that I had never thought to use “our spot” in a different angle. This was such an enlightening experience for me. It also makes you realize that, while sometimes our babies want our touch when they ask to be held... maybe they too, want to see the world through our eyes as well. These images are so beautiful to me... Tenzin being Tenzin... no poses, just HER, in her raw and natural state. I also love showing these pullback images of my work to my clients to let them know that beautiful locations can happen with little to no options. Allow your photographer to create, as I did with this session.

I challenge you all to see the beauty around you no matter what<3

I'm Sierra and I am a creative.
Born and raised in Northern Virginia. My goal as a photographer is to capture the beauty and realism of everyday people. I look for real emotions, and capture them in order for my clients turned friends to cherish them for years to come.

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