Forest Styled Elopement | with Annie Gray

We are so excited to share this styled elopement from photographer Annie Gray. We love the use of red and turquoise throughout, including red and blue smoke bombs! The gorgeous little set up speaks to our summer picnic and romance vibes. Beautiful calligraphy and foliage decorate this forest scene. Let these images sing to you, like they do to us!

This story was a long time coming. This was a styled shoot that I had thought up a long time ago. I had my model ready and I knew that I had to center it around her vibe and what I liked as well. I have always loved the elopement stories and the setup that it calls for. Something very romantic looking, almost out of a storybook. When I saw the location, I couldn’t help but have thousands of ideas rush to my head all at one time. I was constantly consumed by what she would wear, what male model to set her up with, what plates we were going to use. My mind didn’t stop going until the session was over. I have to admit, carrying 2 huge pallets down a really steep hill for a photo, wasn’t my best idea, but in my head I had no other choice. While we were setting up, it started to rain. The one thing I had been dreading all week. What if I set all this up and then it starts raining? What do I do? I had already gone so far as to put everything together, the pallets, the plates, the teepee... I wasn’t going to stop just because of a few sprinkles, and I kept telling myself that until the rain eventually stopped. FINALLY, the rain subsided and all of my troubles were gone and I could solely focus on the beauty in front of me, and man was it beautiful. This was my absolute favorite session I have ever done, not because it was pretty, or that I had gorgeous models (that didn’t hurt though), it was because of all the work that I had put into the session, all the ideas that came together, all the help I had, it made it such a milestone to me and my photography career and I am forever grateful for that. In my head, this is a story about Richard and Mary. They have loved each other for a long time, longer than both of them can even remember. All they wanted was to be together and have a joyous elopement alone in the forest where they have always loved to go and connect. This was their story, through my lens.

Female Model:
Samantha Hampton
- instagram @sammiissatan
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Male Model:
Mike Stevenson
- instagram @tg_itsmike
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Emily Hesslen
- instagram @emilyhesslen
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- website

Jacket Design
Annie Gray
- instagram @annemariesstudio
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My name is Annie Gray and I have been shooting for over 5 years now. Creativity has always been the number one thing about me. I am the person that has a million ideas running through her head at any given moment and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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