Yoga In The Woods: A Self Love Project with Wander Knot Photography

We love photoshoots that are out of the box! Julie Crawford of Wander Knot took on a project with Marielle to explore the body, self-love, exposure, and pushing your limits. We love Marielle's purple hair, perfect poses, and her infectious laugh that translates so well through Julie's images.

Marielle was a bride of mine that, post-wedding, came to me with this idea that she wanted to embrace self-love and beauty in a passion photography project for herself. She knew she wanted to shoot a boudoir session, but wanted it to fit her soul. Bam! I give you a yoga inspired boudoir session in the mountains. We rocked getting naked in the woods, cliff-edge yoga poses, and a backbend in a waterfall- that made hiking through a downpour of a storm that started and didn’t quit a quarter way through the 2 mile hike- totally worth every wet second!

The adventure with this babe not only was a blast within itself, but I learned so much about this beautiful soul and her story; the tiny heart tattoos that decorate her body and hold so much power within each, the journey to loving herself wholly, and good long talks about spirituality and the Universe. She was the one that was suppose to be moved by this session, but yet I was the one that was inspired through her. Funny how that works. When I was looking through the photographs afterwards I came up with a beautiful words to express how I felt: “Bare your soul and open your heart to accept all life’s giving with love. Be free in mind; escape expectation. Change allows growth so never limit yourself to the endless offerings in your journey. Keep breathing.”

I may not be the darkest of photography style, but I guarantee this is one to ‘stir your gut’. It is emotional, gritty, and real as fuck (see I read!). Thanks for the time and consideration with this session.

I'm a free-spirited photographer with a passion for adventure. I believe life is fucking magic and should never be lived less than beautifully. I crave nature, art, music, and the Universe. Oh and I photograph fearless love stories of wild couples too (