5 Products I Use Besides a Camera in My Photography Business

If you're like me, a camera and laptop isn't all you need to run a happy business, or a happy boss babe life! I've compiled a few of my favorite things that give me the most return on investment (and happiness.)



The iPad rules my sales sessions. I have an iPad Air 2 128 GB and it’s powerhouse that reveals my client images for me, plays slideshows and music, show their art on walls, sign contracts, lets me run my POS program, and I’m constantly finding new ways to integrate it into my sales process. The iPad was an investment I took over another lens or bag, and I’ve never once regretted.

Let’s start with sales- I do in person sales in a studio near downtown Portland. I work up on the fourth floor, and bring my clients over to sit down, look at albums and wall art. They pick out what they want, choose their own investment, and sign wedding contracts with me. It’s not as intimidating as it all first sounded, and when starting I realized I didn’t want to lug my Macbook Pro up the stairs to every consult or reveal, and wanted a sleek and easy experience for them. In order for a client to want to make a substantial investment, they need to be blown away or impressed at every stop. Whether it’s amazing customer service, photography skills, usability, or technology, we can blow away our customers. For me, making use of an iPad only adds to that experience.


Square Stand

Then the question arises- where do I put my iPad? The Square Stand is a sleek, professional, and super important part of my sales process. I’m able to add products into the POS System and use it as a checkout stand- a swipe of a credit card and we’re all done! It’s got a heavy base and swivels from you to the client with a little push. I’m able to show off client portraits and work on my iPad where everyone can see what’s going on!

Planner Notebook

The Happy Planner changed my life. No, seriously. Besides the fun stickers and pretty markers, planning is revolutionary for someone like me with ADD and who learns/remembers visually. I have no idea how I kept all of these sessions and deadlines in my head- and in fact found myself forgetting quite often. The days aren’t blocked by time, just boxes. So I can make lists of gear for the day, poses, contract deadlines, and take it with me to consults. Instead of checking online later if I’m booked, I know immediately and in person because I can pull out my planner.  There’s a planner out there for everyone. This happens to be mine, it’s messy and fun but keeps me on track



The real game changer for me was going on Amazon, ordering some kraft paper shopping bags, tissue paper, and big logo stickers. Holy shit. This simple way of packaging prints and albums to deliver to my clients made so much difference in the way I think about packaging. Now I’m thinking of ways to improve that basic packaging, but the most important part was that I went for it and just did it.

It always seemed like something I didn’t really need to do, but in fact, it was absolutely necessary. When I decided to raise prices, sell in person, and look higher end- that needed to apply to every aspect of my business.



Something I never thought would be as important as it truly is- education. Continuing my education allows my business to grow simply because I’m growing. As small business owners, it’s up to us to find and utilize these resources- we don’t have a boss or company to hand them to us.

Something that I love about Babetown is it makes education accessible in a few different platforms and formats!

The Safehouse Workshop being hosted in Brooklyn, NY this September is a weekend long dive into boudoir, bodies, shooting, light, and a way to interact with fellow self-made babes.

Courses that you don’t have to travel for are also offered through the site. I’m currently into Mark Maya’s Shoot From the Heart course, and it’s already transforming the way I think about my sessions. Making that creative spark, that we rely on so much but don’t always get, happen more frequently is important; and feeling inspired is the only way to do that.


Babetown also puts out articles like this one- that might show you a thing or two you’re missing in your own business. I’m happy (and relieved) I finally found a balance of products that coexist in my business and compliment each other.  I’m always on the look-out for something that will save me time or look beautiful, so I want to hear from you! What is a product that you use besides your camera in your business?