'Snaking' Things Up | With Jessica Robertson

This week kicks off with a milk bath shoot that's anything but soft and flowers. Detroit's Jessica Robertson shot Ali and her 6 foot boa, Bertha. Mixing boudoir with snakes- and then adding a milk bath- makes us LOVE Jessica's ability to use something trendy and make it all her own. Her model Ali is a hottie, and we love this magic! Read more about how this session was started, and scroll through these ssstunning photos! (I had to.)

This Babe in the shoot just so happens to be one of my best friends and most talented tattoos artists around! (like for real) She’s also quite the badass.... So, when two badasses get together and collaborate only incredible things can happen.
We’ve had this idea for awhile now but decided to put the shoot off for a few months because Ali was getting her tongue split! (badass, remember?)
Her and I were talking, while she was doing one of my tattoos, and got to thinking about photoshoots. I was aimlessly scrolling Facebook and saw yet another milk bath session and admittedly rolled my eyes. Like for the millionth time that day. She was telling me about her pet snakes at that moment. We both stopped what we were doing and knew what we had to do! Her and I both are all about breaking stereotypes and doing something completely different.
So, we took the overplayed milk bath sessions and raised the bar. We added Ali’s 6’ baby Boa constrictor, Bertha.
She told me how she saved Bertha’s life from a pet store that was starving her. When she brought her home, the vet told Ali Bertha only had a few days left due to sever malnutrition. So, being the super star badass that she is, Ali nursed Bertha back to life.
As much of a badass as I like to think I am, the day of the shoot I cannot deny the fact that I had a few panic attacks! lol I am not a fan of snakes. AT ALL. But, after a few breakdowns and seeing just how calm Bertha really was, I relaxed and even got a little close to her!! She was so sweet and chill- even smiled for the camera a few times!
Life is all about taking chances and shaking things up!

I'm Jess. I am a wife, mother, photographer, traveler and tattoo enthusiast. I am located in Metro-Detroit and have a mad love for the city. Taking pictures that are real and raw is what I am all about. I am here to shake things up and change the world while I'm at it!