5 Photographer Subscriptions I Can’t (and Don’t Want To) Live Without

As photographers, we're always looking for ways to grow and simplify our business. I've used tons of websites and programs and finally feel settled into a workflow with a set of platforms that I love. I've compiled a list of subscriptions that I use on a daily or weekly basis- subscriptions that I would be devastated without, and that I don't end up breaking the bank for.


Dubsado is at the core of my business. My clients, their information, my workflow, contracts, pricing guides, and questionaires are all through this photographer-based platform and keep my communication professional and best of all- easy.

I shopped around for a CRM (customer relationship management) program for months before landing on Dubsado. The two things I was looking for were: how much does it cost and what if I can’t figure out how to use it? Dubsado filled in both of those boxes for me by being both affordable, and providing a level of customer service and attention that I hadn’t seen from another CRM, or quite frankly, even another business. Founders Jake and Becca Berg are both active in the Dubsado Community Facebook group, and I’ve never had a question go unanswered! The group is an amazing tool for figuring out what this platform can do for you, and the Bergs have a TON of exciting features coming out month by month.

Owning a small business is exciting and overwhelming, and Dubsado significantly downsizes that overwhelming part. Use code BABETOWN for 20% off monthly or annual memberships.


Pixieset isn’t just a place where I store my client galleries- it’s a place where I back up my photos and upload to while editing a wedding or shoot. It’s peace of mind, and the same gallery is used for my clients without a big waiting period in between for a mass upload onto multiple devices.

Visually, Pixieset is clean, modern, and easy for clients to navigate. It puts a trendy and professional face on my business, and is what my clients see. In my album link emails for weddings and engagements, I recommend not opening the link unless you’re with your partner, have some snacks, a little wine, and some time set aside to really look through them and relive that day. With big photos, clear images, and several easy ways for my clients to then download- Pixieset is a subscription more than worth it.

Professional Photographers of America

PPA is an organization for photographers that offers education, certification, and insurance tailored to photographers at any skill level. PPA originally brought me in because the insurance was exactly what I needed to keep growing my business. Pouring my sweat, blood, and tears into saving for my equipment, I was terrified of anything ever happening to it. While I’m still ridiculously cautious, PPA puts my mind at ease. Knowing that I could file a claim if I needed to with my insurance lets me focus on my session and my client instead. The lawyer at your fingertips allows me to send cease and desist, copyright infringement letters, and professionally and legally go about the hard situations I might encounter as I get more clients.

The courses offered by PPA are a way to continue your education and just grow. Being a photographer is lonely, and being self-taught can have it’s limits. Sometimes, somebody just has to show you something new! Taking advantage of that can take you to the next level, as well as give you some wonderful credentials like Master of Light.

Babetown Coterie

Ahhhh, what can I say? I’m obsessed. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to sit down with a bowl of food, some wine, and watch other photographers at work. It’s a time to scream “I KNOW, RIGHT?!” and “HOLY SHIT, HOW DID SHE DO THAT?” And the best part is… you leave knowing how, in fact, she did that! Webinars and courses in Babetown put me at the level I want to be at. They open up my ceiling and everything I thought I knew about workflow, editing, and/or posing.

Besides the limitless information Coterie members have access to, the community is amazing. With topics focused on wellness, mental health, real life struggles, and sharing achievements, it’s one of the only communities I’ve found where I feel like everyone is a friend. When I’m having a bad day, the love and understanding I’ve found in Babetown is hard to find in other groups, and keeps me going.

Two Bright Lights


TBL has made making sure my work is seen nationally so much easier. (Fun fact, I found TBC through submitting a feature, and falling in love with Lola and the group!) Uploading a single album and choosing who you submit to makes those bigger name publications accessible and smaller publications possible. I’ve been able to find smaller publications that love to showcase more niche things, and that represent my brand and my image wonderfully. I’ve also been able to work with larger publications and have found clients who saw my work across the country. Two Bright Lights has always been worth every penny, and keeps me looking busy and relevant without much work!

Altogether, my subscriptions come to under $100 a month. That’s amazing, considering how many clients they bring me, or how many clients come back to me because they loved their user experience. It’s a small investment that pushes me to the next level, and I’m always looking for more ways to improve and make this crazy and busy photographer life a little smoother!


Jamie Carle