How to Boost Your Website Copy


Oh, Websites.

In today’s social media forward age, a website is a necessary piece of the business puzzle that entrepreneurs often don’t put enough energy into. It’s easy to fall into the trap mentality of ‘I have Instagram & Facebook, so I don’t really need a website”. Starting with that mentality can lead to a thrown up website where potential clients spend under 10-seconds bouncing from page to page, only to inevitably close the tab and get on with their day. With low click rates around your site, you end up thinking ‘See, I didn’t need a website!’.

The reality is, you need to put more effort into your website’s copy to see those potential clients stay on your website to learn about you, what you offer and to book or buy what you are selling. You need to boost your website’s copy and we are here to give you 5 easy tips to do it.


1.  Be clear about what exactly you are offering.

Whether you’re a photographer selling sessions, or a calligrapher selling custom designed work, you need to be clear with your audience about what exactly you offer. You don’t want a potential client to come to your site and through mismatched images, lack of correct navigation links, and long-winded content not even be able to tell what you sell! A fun tip is to think of your website as a package for your product-- packaging has the most important information easy to read; what it is and what it’s used for. If you’re a photographer, your website should make it clear that you are a photographer by the content and by showcasing images of your ideal clients.


2. Make your content skimmable.

When people visit your site, they aren’t strapping in for the long haul. They want the information they came for and they want it fast. In fact, 79% of visitors to your site are skimmers! Make headings short and informative; a heading should be able to give the most important information in a nutshell. If that nutshell peaks their interest, they will read the more detailed information below. When you have larger chunks of text, add bold or highlighted words that stress main points for easy focus, or break these larger chunks of text into a list. Another bonus to skimmable content is that the headings and key phrases used in skimmable content are often the most SEO friendly.


3. Answer the obvious questions.

People come to your website because they want more information. Think of the common questions a visitor to your site may have and be sure to answer them. If a client wants to book you for a wedding, they probably want to know where you are located, if you’ll travel, if your packages include engagement photos, and how soon in advance they should book. It’s these almost ‘common sense’ questions that need to be answered by your site so your inbox doesn’t overload!


4. Keep your navigation buttons to a minimum.

Too many buttons across the top and bottom can leave people wondering where to click next or wondering why there are so many things to check out! The maximum about of navigation buttons you want to have is 8. Explore with drop-down menus where you can categorize similar content.


5.  Add a blog

Your website should be professional, while still being fun and showing personality. The difference between your website and your blog is that your website should be viewed as your resume and your blog is your interview. Your website should focus on all the highlights, important information, and basics one needs to understand who you are and what you offer. By adding in a blog to your website, you’re able to add in personality, fun and flair. Internet users everywhere understand a blog is more personal and if someone really likes what they see on your site, they will head over to the blog to get an even more personal touch to who you are.


Keeping these 5 tips in mind when creating new content, or evaluating your current website copy, will ensure you make the most of every visit to your website, resulting in more ideal clients and standing out from your competition.


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