Top 40 Artificial Light Photos | Babetown Weekly Challenge

Last week in our Facebook Group we asked our babes to use artificial light to enhance their photographs. Of course there is beauty in the sunrise, sunset or even noon harsh light. We wanted to challenge our community to remove those things and kill it anyway. These babes blew us away! Here are our top 40:

Amanda Leann Cantonweb.jpg
Mary Catherine Fehrweb.jpg
Molly Molinweb.jpg
Anji Smithweb.jpg
Ashley Giffin‎web.jpg
Ashley Jonesweb.jpg
Ashley Planteweb.jpg
Beth Olsonweb.jpg
Bree Cota‎web.jpg
Bridgette Klugerweb.jpg
Brittany DeJesusweb.jpg
Catherine Wynne‎ web.jpg
Chadwick Braithwaiteweb.jpg
Charlet Shelleyweb.jpg

Charlet Shelley

Charmi Patel Peñaweb.jpg
Chelsea Brianna Gray Musgroveweb.jpg
Chinelle Rojas‎web.jpg
Erika K. Hammerweb.jpg
Haley Nordweb.jpg
Hannah Berglundweb.jpg
Ivanina Mcneely‎web.jpg

Ivanina Mcneely‎

Jade Hoyleweb.jpg
Jami Jeskeyweb.jpg
Jenna Mahr‎web.jpg

Jenna Mahr‎

Jessica Rasmussenweb.jpg
Julia T Dugan‎web.jpg
Karmen Coon Van Derven‎web.jpg
Katie Lynn Harrisweb.jpg

Katie Lynn Harris

Kevin Loweryweb.jpg
Lacey Rae Grayweb.jpg
Lauren Driscollweb.jpg

Lauren Driscoll

Lauren Laveriaweb.jpg
Leah Coppotelliweb.jpg
Lexy Parksweb.jpg
Melissa Runyon2web.jpg
Olga Tenyanin‎ web.jpg
Ore Adesinaweb.jpg

Ore Adesina

Pol Sena‎web.jpg
Samantha Sherwoodweb.jpg
Sarah Casileweb.jpg
Thais Reis Fryweb.jpg
Twyla Jones web.jpg
Valor McNeelyweb.jpg

Valor McNeely


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