Self Portraits in the Rain | with Cindy Johnson

Self-portraits can be such an intimate way to express yourself without anyone around. Cindy Johnson takes advantage of the rain in a captivating series of self-portraits and we're loving the results.

It took me a while to get to the point where I am comfortable taking self portraits. There was that horrible negative self talk that creeps into my brain saying- “Who are you to show yourself off? What is special about you?” I started taking them, just for me, as a way to improve my photography skills. There were so many times I thought- that light is perfect, I wish I had a model! Then I realized I did-me. And I learned to tell myself what I tell every one of my clients- you are beautiful just as you are. It is not your job to be a decoration to the world, to look any certain way. You are worthy. Eventually I started to believe it, most days. Now I use self-portraits as diaries, I usually take them during emotional times. These were taken when I was going through a shift in a relationship that was bringing me grief. I needed to show myself it was ok to be not ok, and that there was sexiness in my brokenness.

Cindy Johnson in a boudoir photo taking, animal rescuing, globe traveling, comfort zone shattering country girl based in Franklin, Indiana. It is her passion to show women, and men, that they are beautiful, just as they are. She is wholesome as fuck.


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