Gorgeous Boudoir Session | with Nechama Jacobson

What a better way to end the week than sharing this beautiful boudoir session with Nechama Jacobson.  We absolutely adore how natural and carefree Madison looks hanging out around the home. 

I met Madison during some recent traveling. She was a bright shining light, charming, and proud and I absolutely knew I had to capture her for all that she offers.

I wondered what it means to capture a person. Does it contain or protect a bit of their essence into a frame, frozen for all of time? I couldn’t help but to think how some of us spend so much time in hiding. We’re afraid of saying what we think, we’re afraid to listen to our hearts, of what we feel, we’re afraid to meet another person in their fullest self, or even worse, being met in ours. This is where introducing or capturing authenticity becomes of vital importance.

It is these moments where the camera becomes my golden ticket and I’m allowed entry into the most quiet symphonies. A blush, a flutter of the eyelashes, a side glance or a sigh. The subtleties in movement and expression become the bodies music, declaring the things we may or may not have the courage to say. It’s this unannounced intimacy, in this brilliant display of irony where life becomes more true from behind a lens, where I find the truest delight. In a giant concert hall where expression resounds and I’m the only one in the crowd. Why is it only through that heavy black box that one is unabashed to hold and maintain eye contact, completely unaware of the beating heart on the other side, silently thanking you for your performance. So, with gratitude in my heart, I’m so excited to share with you a bit of my experience of what it looks like to get a little bit closer to one more person co-sojourning this lifetime with me. As for everyone else, I can’t wait to meet you.

Hey! I’m Nechama (pronounced Neh-hamah), just your average New Jersey native who accidentally spent the last ten years in the Middle East. My greatest passions include people (the more different the better!) vegetables, and filling my house with enough house plants to trick myself into believing I’ve made it out of the city. I hope we'll get to meet!