Top 40 Edible Photos | Babetown Weekly Challenge

For this weeks challenge, we asking our babes to interpret the work 'Edible' into their images. They could used textures, liquids, solids, locations, ideas and more to showcase their talent with this theme. As you can see, our babes did not disappoint! Take a look at this weeks favorites down below! 

April MacDonald Killins.jpg
Ashley Smith .jpg
Elizabeth Rose Cole.jpg

Elizabeth Rose Cole

Mary Bell.jpg
Nic McKeever.jpg
Al Peters.jpg
Andrea Loree Brittingham.jpg
Ashley Joiner.jpg
Brianna Waltman.jpg

Brianna Waltman

Brooke Champlin.jpg
Caitlyn Eakins.jpg
Elizabeth Rose Cole.jpg
Ella Sophie.jpg
Jenna Mahr.jpg
Kabrei Kilgore.jpg
Karla Johnstun.jpg
Katie Lynn Harris.jpg
Kelsi Leigh.jpg
Kevin Lowery.jpg

BONUS: KEVIN LOWERY  from session with babetown babe Ann Parks

Lacey Rae Gray.jpg
Lauren Driscoll.jpg
Liv Lyszyk.jpg
Madison Sanders.jpg
Mandie Sulak-Haring.jpg

Mandie Sulak-Haring

Marcy Harris-Ortiz.jpg
Marlee Schuld.jpg

Marlee Schuld

Meagan Lindsay Shuptar.jpg
Nina Harwick‎.jpg
Sarah Dalluhn.jpg
Summer Hughes.jpg
Teri Ledgerwood.jpg
Valor McNeely‎.jpg

Valor McNeely‎

Yuli Scheidt.jpg

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