Edgy Idaho Landscape Boudoir | with Tasha Melone

This Idaho boudoir sessions is killing it. We've announced this year that one of our Safehouse Workshops will take place in gorgeous Idaho so it's fabulous to see Tasha doing her thing outside. Photographer Krista Melone captures Tasha and tells us what this shoot meant.

Tasha is one of my boudoir reps - she is one of the faces of my company. I had previously done two sessions with her that were both well within her “comfort zone” (or as much as someone who is new to boudoir can be comfortable). Typically she is very vintage and soft, and our first two sessions reflected that. So when we started planning a late summer session for her, I told Tasha that I wanted to style her completely different. Something a little edgier, and that I wanted to take her into unflattering light and work with her that way.

I know she was nervous. She told me so. I know she struggled with shopping for wardrobe, and figuring out what to wear. Although this was a boudoir session it definitely has a fashion feel as well because of her choices.

The day of the session was bright and sunny, and we went out mid day... her with a face full of edgy makeup, and her bag full of heels and leather and ripped tee-shirts. Until you’ve seen a scantily clad woman and her photographer hiking across desert roads, and huge lava rocks (literally rock climbing), you haven’t really lived.

The further we got into the session the more Tasha relaxed and let her inner rocker come out. At one point, while she was bent backwards, head hanging off a huge rock, she caught site of a little lizard (of which she is terrified), and let out a little shriek. Later she told me that in that moment she decided this was as close as she was going to get to being Khaleesi with baby dragons, and she was going to embrace it.

Through 2017 I’ve seen this beautiful woman go from timid in my studio, to badass out in the Idaho wilds traipsing across the landscape in heels and a bra.

I'm a wedding and boudoir photographer, who is also trying to slay as a single mom living in Boise. Boudoir is my favorite type of photography - women, men, or both... I love all bodies and the people that inhabit them! I've been a professional photographer since 2013, and have no plans to stop soon.


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