Stunning Colorado Boudoir | with Nina Larsen Reed

We're loving this outdoor boudoir session inspired by some of the greats who post regularly in our Facebook group. Photographer Nina Larsen Reed hits the nail on the head with posing and visually stimulating portraits. Nina has a great message on outdoor boudoir and we loving her take.

When I first got my start in photography almost six years ago, I thought boudoir automatically meant that the photos had to be taken in a bedroom, with soft lighting and arched backs, high heels and rose petals. I did multiple sessions that way, but quickly lost all passion for it, and moved on to capturing engagement sessions and weddings for outdoor lovers instead.

Fast forward to this summer, and I found myself in The Babetown Collective Facebook group, where I was drowning in boudoir inspiration from babes like Lexy Parks and Haley Nord. I knew it was time to give boudoir another shot, but this time I wanted to do it my way, which meant getting outside in nature.

I knew it would take a specific type of babe to frolic through nature with a photographer while wearing lingerie. Lucky for me, my friend Kerri was coming to Colorado to visit her parents, and when I asked her via text she immediately started sending me photos of her lingerie collection so I knew I had chosen right. Kerri is a sensual acrobatic burlesque entertainer based in Las Vegas, with titles from the Hollywood Burlesque Festival and the BurlyPicks Colorado Regional Burlesque Festival as well as multiple pole dance competitions.

With a model as spectacular as Kerri, all we needed was a killer location to play with. We settled on Eldorado Canyon State Park in Colorado, home to towering sandstone cliffs, the winding South Boulder Creek, and plenty of rock climbers. On the day of our session, the area was hit by a heavy thunderstorm and lots of rain in the afternoon. We almost ended up canceling, but decided to go for it and see what happened.

What happened was the most amazing moody weather, lush greenery from the rain, and a park almost empty of people. We hiked barefoot along the trails, played in the freezing cold creek, climbed cliffs, and shocked a few rock climbers who were not expecting to see a beautiful burlesque dancer in lingerie doing the splits right below them!

I am so glad that we challenged ourselves to go through with the session, because it completely renewed my passion for boudoir photography. Why limit ourselves to one type of boudoir, one type of setting, one type of woman, when there are endless possibilities to celebrate our beauty and our bodies, in nature or wherever you feel the most at home in your own body?

Nina Larsen Reed is a Norwegian photographer and avid outdoor chick who now lives and plays in Boulder, Colorado. Nina works with other outdoor lovers to capture their adventurous engagements, elopements, weddings, and boudoir sessions around the world. Her favorite things in life are breakfast foods, craft cider, long hikes, YA novels, and her two cats Luna and Lily.


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